Vietnamese dishes that you definitely need to try

by TAA on January 8, 2022

We have been living in the second year of Covid-19 pandemic. Stuck at home remind me of the time when we could travel to anywhere we want, journeys seem never to end. And I start to think about my first trip right after when the pandemic is over.

As a food lover, I will wrap my luggage, run out of the house, fly to my favourite places in Vietnam. Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh city… here are 5 Vietnamese dishes that we should try after when the pandemic ends

1, Vietnamese Pho

Of course, who can deny the flavor of Vietnam “Pho-nomenom”. Pho is a treasure of Trang An people, and the pride of Vietnamese. Even if you have never come to Vietnam, you might hear about this specialty at least once.

Pho Vietnam

A big bowl of Pho

To get delicious bowls of pho depends a lot on the experience and traditional know-how of the chef, with the most important ingredient is the broth. The broth for pho is usually a clear broth made from beef bones (in some restaurant, the cook might replace beef bones by pork or chicken bones), soup paste, sa sung (peanut worm), with a variety of spices including cinnamon, anise, grilled ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander seeds, roasted onions. Pho is served in large bowls, with flat noodles, spring onion, coriander and some slides of medium-rare beef or chicken on top, deepen in the savory broth. Pho is always enjoyed while it’s still hot.

Enjoy the harmony of Banh pho, vegetable, beef, spices… and the savory of over-12-hour-simmered broth.

2. Bun Bo (Vermicelli with beef soup)

Besides Pho, Bun bo is another Vietnamese famous noodles with soup that I can’t think stop thinking about during the social-distancing time. My mouth waters when imagining of a bowl of beef noodle soup with a lot of toppings: tendons, spring rolls, blood pudding, fish cake... with a little spicy sate sauce. The bowl of vermicelli with light red color broth and fragrant is so undeniable. With just 1 bowl of beef noodle soup, you can fill your hungry stomach.

Bun bo Hue

Bun bo Hue (Cre:

3. Pha lau (offal stew)

Pha Lau is a Vietnamese dish has origin from Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city), made from pork meat and offal that is seasoned with five-spice powder and braised for hours.

Pha Lau is a dish associated with the childhood and youth of every Saigonese. Everyone visiting Sai Gon might hear about this famous specialty or even meet a vendor selling this dish on the side of the street. At first, maybe many people don't even know how to eat, find it very strange. But after trying it once, you might one or even two more bowls.

Pha Lau or offal stew

Pha Lau with noodles (Cre:

The chefs always try to invent more and more way to cook Pha lau, and more way to enjoy the dish. There are dry Pha Lau (without the soup), grilled Pha Lau, Pha Lau with coconut milk,... However, the traditional one served with bread, dipped in tamarind sauce is still the "King of Pha Lau" that is loved by many people.

4. Com chay kho quet (Crunchy rice with caramelized pork dip sauce)

With a rustic flavor, crunchy rice is loved by many people. Only a portion of crispy golden brown rice dipped in the caramelized sauce with dried shrimp, bacon, pork crackling, fried onions, and chili peppers is enough to satisfied every connoisseur of good food.

Crunchy rice with caramelized dip sauce

Crunchy rice with caramelized pork dip sauce (Cre:

5. Avocado Ice cream

After fulfill your stomach with the main dishes, ice cream is a perfect dessert to make your food tour complete.

A tall glass full of avocado ice cream, sweet, cold, fragrant and buttery is so irresistible.


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