Exploring the rich culture of Korat Thailand

by Travel Authentic Asia on May 26, 2023

Korat, officially known as Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, is renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage, with attractions like the Phimai Historical Park showcasing ancient Khmer architecture. The region's vibrant night markets and delectable Isan cuisine provide an authentic taste of local life. Additionally, Korat's proximity to Khao Yai National Park offers opportunities for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Korat’s location

Korat, the bustling capital of Nakhon Ratchasima province, located in northeastern Thailand, just 250km away from Bangkok. Beyond its cultural and culinary charms, Korat is renowned as the third largest city in Thailand, following only Bangkok and Chiang Mai. If you're someone who loves to immerse yourself in the rich diversity of cultures from around the world, then Korat is a destination you simply can't afford to miss.

What is Korat famous for?

Korat is famous for its "Thao Suranari Fair", a grand annual festival held in honor of the heroic lady Thao Suranari. This fearless woman led the Thai army to victory in the historic battle of 1826, and her bold actions have become a shining example for the youth of Thailand. The festival is not only popular with the locals, but also attracts numerous international visitors. You'll witness traditional performances, indulge in a wide variety of delicious food, including the unique crispy fried noodles, and feast your eyes on the luxurious silk fabrics.

Thao Suranari Fair in Korat Thailand
Thao Suranari Fair in Korat Thailand

The cultural street at the Thao Suranari Fair is a unique experience not to be missed in Korat. Here, you can travel back in time to immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture with its floating markets, traditional bazaars, and lively likay dances. You can enjoy local delicacies, buy handcrafted souvenirs, and witness street performers and artists showcasing their talents. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the unique cultural heritage of Korat and make lasting memories.

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Thao Suranari Monument in Korat Thailand
Thao Suranari Monument in Korat Thailand

What to do in Korat?

Korat Zoo & Water Park

The Korat Zoo & Water Park is a popular family-friendly destination in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. This combined attraction offers visitors the chance to explore a diverse range of wildlife at the zoo, from exotic animals to local fauna, and then cool off and have fun at the water park's thrilling rides and pools. It's an ideal place for a day of entertainment and adventure for people of all ages.

Korat zoo
Korat zoo

Dan Kwian pottery village

During your stay in Korat, there are a couple of destinations that you simply can't miss. One of these is the Dan Kwian pottery village, which is famous for producing exquisite pottery products made from a unique reddish-brown clay. Here, you can learn about the pottery-making process and even try your hand at creating your own piece. The village is also home to a range of shops where you can purchase pottery products as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones.

Dan Kwian pottery village in Korat Thailand
Dan Kwian pottery village in Korat Thailand

Phi Mai Historical Park

Another must-visit destination in Korat is the Phi Mai Historical Park. This park is home to the largest sandstone sanctuary in Thailand, which is adorned with intricately carved figures of deities and heavenly beings. You can explore the ruins of this ancient Khmer temple and marvel at the exquisite architecture and artwork. The park also offers a glimpse into the history and culture of the region, making it a perfect destination for history buffs and culture enthusiasts.

Phi Mai Historical Park in Korat Thailand
Phi Mai Historical Park in Korat Thailand

Korat Night Market / Night Bazar

Korat Night Market, also known as the Night Bazar, is a bustling and vibrant market in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Open during the evening hours, it offers a delightful shopping and dining experience. Visitors can explore a wide array of stalls selling clothing, accessories, local crafts, and sample delicious street food, making it a great place to immerse in the local culture and find unique souvenirs.

Korat night market
Korat night market

Wat Ban Rai temple

A visit to Wat Ban Rai temple is a must for anyone traveling to Korat. This stunning temple features a spacious courtyard adorned with colorful mosaic tiles and a grand entrance flanked by two dazzling Naga serpent statues. As you explore the temple, you'll be mesmerized by the intricate religious icons etched on the walls and floors, as well as the vibrantly hued statues that lend a sense of awe-inspiring history to the site. The temple is a peaceful and serene place where visitors can soak up the spirituality of the region and admire the exquisite architecture and artwork.

Korat night market
Wat Ban Rai temple in Korat Thailand

In addition to its stunning features, Wat Ban Rai temple is also known for its role in promoting environmental sustainability. The temple is a model of eco-friendliness and serves as an inspiration for visitors to adopt sustainable practices in their own lives. As you take in the beauty of this magnificent site, you'll also be reminded of the importance of preserving our planet's natural resources and the role that we can all play in creating a sustainable future.

So come and explore the wonders of Korat, where history and culture come to life, and unforgettable adventures await!

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