Inside the hundred year-old sedge mat weaving village in Phu Yen

by TAA on December 27, 2019

Phu Yen is regarded as the land of “yellow flowers and green grass” in Vietnam. With many attractive destinations for tourists like Vung Ro Bay, Xuan Dai Bay, Rapids of Stone Plates, Bai Mon beach, Mui Dien Cape…, Phu Yen is now attracting more and more tourists recently.

Tuy An is famous for handicrafts produced from sedge mat weaving village in Phu Yen for hundreds of years.

a man is drying sedge mats

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In Phu Tan village, sedge mat is not only used by local people in the area but also consumed in the Central Highland and the South Central provinces. In the dry areas, because the weather is hot during the day, sedge mats, with natural materials, can help people sleep better.

two men preparing straws to make sedge mats

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The Phu Tan sedge mat weaving village now has more than available 25 hectares for growing sedge. Thanks to a stable source of goods, the village for many years still thrives, which creates jobs for more than 600 workers in the region.

a man is drying straws

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There are 2 complexes of machine for producing sedge mat in the whole village. The total value of consumed products of Phu Tan sedge mat weaving village on average reaches over 5.3 billion VND a year. On average, a person making sedge mat earns about 4 million dong a month.

two men is straightening straws to make sedge mats

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There are many stages for making a sedge mat. Sedge mat is harvested and then dried, bundled in bundles and then dyed. After dyeing, sedge mat continues to be dried, before weaved. Dyeing sedge mat is an important stage that requires makers to be skillful and experienced.

a man is coloring straws to makw colored sedge mat

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The color of sedge mat is more beautiful under the sunshine.

a woman is weaving sedge mats

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Owing to the increasing market demand, many families in Phu Tan sedge mat weaving village have equipped with machines to weave, which helps to increase productivity. Currently the village has 2 production complexes by machine.

two women are weaving sedge mats

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The majority of the labor in the village is female.

old man is finishing sedge mats

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Many older people are still working. With long time experience, they coach the newcomers. A pair of handmade woven sedge mats, cost about 50,000 - 60,000 VND, whereas, woven machine-made sedge mats cost up to 130,000 - 160,000 VND per pair.

a man is carrying sedge mats to drying place

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Sedge mats of the villages are not only famous in the region but also consumed in the nearby provinces such as Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh...

The sedge mat village is located in An Cu commune, Tuy An district. From Tuy Hoa city, you can drive toward Highway 1A, then when you come Phu Tan station, you can ask local people to reach the village. You can combine a visit to the sedge mat village and O Loan lagoon in a day.

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