7 things should not do in Singapore

by TAA on January 18, 2023

Singapore is well known for being the country that deserved to live and the cleanest country in the world. To retain this Singapore has applied its rules to Singapore people and tourists. Let’s explore something that should not do in Singapore to enjoy your trip completely.

1. Do not pick and sit at any table where you see something is left on.

At the hawker centers or food stalls, very often you will see some tables without anyone sitting around but there is something on it. It is a sign that table is already occupied by someone else. Locals may place a tissue pack or something such a an umbrellas or a bottle of water on the table as a way of “putting a placeholder bricks” so that they can come back after going shopping. So, be aware of just sitting anywhere there’s nothing on the table.

2. Do not try to bargain at food stalls

As we know, it’s common to bargain street food in Thailand and the Philipines. However, it’s not in Singapore. Generally, prices are fixed at most food stalls and hawker centers, if tourists try to bargain that can make the locals unhappy. In some cases, you can ask the price before shopping to avoid that the goods are not suitable for your budget.

3. Do not leave away without cleaning the table

Do not leave away without cleaning the table

Diners have to clean their table before leaving at the hawker center. This is used to being the norm in ethics, is now mandatory. If tourists don’t return their trays, plates and clear the table, they could be fined up to $200 more. Only the elderly and the children, who aren’t able to bring their food are except.

4. Do not eat or drink on public transport or at train stations

Do not eat or drink on public transport or at train stations

One of the biggest mistakes tourists usually make is snacking inside train cars or at a train station (MRT). Not only does it make you like impolite people, but sometimes you also face fines up to $355 for breaking the rules. Even drinking water on the train can be reminded. Especially, do not bring durian.

5. Do not stand on the right side of the escalator

In Singapore, people drive on the left, so in public, remember to stand on the left side of the escalator, so that rush people can easily pass from the right. In case, you bring a lot of stuff, you’d better use the elevator.

6. Do not smoke in public nor chew gum

Do not eat or drink on public transport or at train stations

In Singapore, people are allowed to smoke in the designated area, if you make this mistake intentionally, you can face a hefty fine. Anti-smoking laws are even much stricter at public parks and beaches, so pay attention to this.

7. Do not enter temples without taking off your shoes

If you have plans to visit local temples, especially Hindu temples in Singapore, please take some notes to show your respects.

  • Take off your shoes before entering or having to wash your feet
  • Don’t sit with your feet turned towards the statues and monks
  • Don’t involve in physical and emotional contact with others.

Above are some useful guides and information for you when visiting Singapore. Hope this helps to keep you away from any possible troubles and to enjoy your time there completely. Travel Authentic Asia specializes in providing tours and travel services to some most fascinating parts of Asia. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to get your real-life travel experiences.


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