What to Do and See on an Exciting Vietnam Day Trip

by TAA on July 27, 2017

A wonderful country in south East Asia - Vietnam is filled with lots of things to do and fascinating sites to see. On a well planned and guided Vietnam day trip, you will get the chance to have the utmost fun and enjoyment and indulge in many exciting things to do and see that will spice up your trip and make it memorable.

Please have a look at some of the most exciting and fun filled things to do and see on the day trip to Vietnam!

Enjoy Trekking in Sapa:

Sapa is one of a fascinating destination in Vietnam that is known for its famous and amazing rice terraces. As a beautiful town in Vietnam, Sapa is blessed with rich cultural diversity and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Vietnam’s highest peak- Fansipan is situated here in Sapa, which attracts adventure seekers and nature lovers. Trekking the beautiful rice terraces in Sapa, Vietnam will prove to be a lifetime experience.

Enjoy Trekking in Sapa

Opt for a Hanoi Food Tasting Tour:

It is believed that no trip to Vietnam is complete without visiting the nation’s capital-Hanoi. From stunning lakes, shopping to fantastic food tours, the Vietnam capital has a lot to offer to the tourists and travelers. On the day trip to Vietnam, you can opt for a unique food tasting tour to experience the rich culture through its gastronomic delights. This helps in enjoying delicious Vietnamese cuisine like the summer rolls (fresh veggies, meat or shrimp, and noodles, all are bundled in a rice paper) with fish sauce dip.

Opt for a Hanoi Food Tasting Tour

Visit the War Remnants Museum:

Located in the Ho Chi Minh city, the War Remnants Museum is a must see attraction. This war museum exhibits the war weapons, artifacts, and photography displaying the evidence and impacts of the war. By visiting the museum, you will get an opportunity to see the artillery, bomb pieces, bombs, documented articles and photography/films depicting the ravages and impacts (inflicted by France and United States of America in various times of war).

Explore the Network of Underground Tunnels- Cu Chi Tunnels:

Your Vietnam Day trip will not be complete without exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels. These are a network of underground tunnels, was used extensively during the Vietnam War as the hiding spots and safe way for supplying food and weapons by the soldiers. Now this place is considered as a pilgrimage site and one of the best tourist attractions to see on a day trip to Vietnam. The 121 kilometers long Cu Chi Tunnels have been preserved as a war memorial and tourist destination by the Vietnamese government.

Tunnels- Cu Chi Tunnels

Go to Hoi An:

An integral part of the day trip to Vietnam, by visiting the world UNESCO heritage site- Hoi An, you will get an opportunity to soak up in local and foreign influences. The beautiful Hoi An city has a great charm and character that has many highlights like rich heritage, architectural monuments, religious pagodas, and museums. Hoi An is one of the best places in Vietnam to enjoy mouthwatering street food and shopping at the stylish fashion boutiques.

Go to Hoi An

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