From Australia to Siem Reap, Cambodia: A Travel Guide

by Jacqueline Gearhart on November 16, 2023

As the country known for Angkor Wat, Fish Amok, lush jungles, and exceptional friendly natives, Cambodia is a trip you will need to take at least once in your life. To make the most out of your trip, there are a few things to remember.

from australia to siem reap

Flying to Siem Reap from Australia

from australia to siem reap

While there are no direct flights from Australia to Cambodia, you will find multiple airlines flying from airports like Sydney and Perth to Siem Reap. Flying from Perth Airport to Siem Reap will offer the cheapest rates, with Melbourne Airport being the 2nd most affordable airport to fly from, and Sydney the 3rd. Popular airlines flying from Australia to Siem Reap are Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, Virgin Australia, and Qantas Airways.

Costs associated with flying from Perth Airport to Siem Reap, for flights in January 2024, will cost travellers around $936.00 - $2,197 when booking 2 months in advance. While more costly, January is a perfect month to visit Siem Reap as weather conditions are in their prime and the ‘cool season’ is in full force. To keep prices transportation costs low, you can find Perth Airport parking with Flyparks if you plan to keep your car at the airport while away. Flyparks acts as a booking and comparison platform that allows you to find the most affordable and secure airport parking in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond! When booking your flights and airport parking, we recommend doing so at least 2 - 3 months in advance for the best results of affordability and availability.

When to Travel to Siem Reap

from australia to siem reap

The best times to visit Siem Reap will of course depend on your preferences, but, generally, there are a few seasons, and months, when we recommend travel.

November - February

Also known as the ‘cool season’ traveling in these months will bring you pleasant temperatures with low humidity levels, and clear skies. Do keep in mind, though, that these months are the busiest months to explore Siem Reap, and therefore will mean large crowds and long queues for some of the main attractions.

March - May

The months of March-May will be some of the hottest months in the country, with the highest levels of humidity. You can expect temperatures to be at 85°F and beyond. Additionally, travellers will still be able to experience the clear skies and the same activities that travellers who travel from November - February do. While March-May is still considered peak travel season in the country, you will be able to find slightly lower accommodation costs in these months, and less populated crowds in certain areas, in comparison to November - February.

Keep in mind that visiting in these months will allow you to experience the Khmer New Year (Typically April 14th - 16th), Visak Bochea (Buddha’s Birthday falls in May), and the Royal Ploughing Ceremony (held in early May). So, despite the heat, you can experience these local festivals and celebrations if travelling during these months.

June - October

June - October in Siem Reap is known as the monsoon season. As such, travelling in June - October to Siem Reap will provide your journey with higher chances of rainfall, even when it is in short intervals throughout the day. Despite the rainfall, you can still experience dry days, but it is best to be prepared for when it may start raining sporadically. By travelling in these months, you will experience luscious vegetation that otherwise may not be as prevalent during travel in other months. Do keep in mind, however, that certain remote or rural areas may be harder to access in the chance of heavy, consistent rainfall.

Travel Visas

from australia to siem reap

To gain entry into Cambodia, Australians will need to apply for a Cambodian E-Visa at least a week before their intended arrival date in the country. To be eligible for the e-visa, Australians must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold an Australian passport that is valid for at least 180 days from their arrival date and have it contain a blank page for Cambodian entry/exit stamps
  • Register their E-visa with an accessible email address
  • Pay for the E-visa with a debit or credit card
  • Be able to submit a recent, in-color passport photo

It is especially important to note that for Australians with dual citizenship, the passport used to submit the e-visa must be the same passport brought with them when traveling to Cambodia, otherwise, entry will not be accepted. Additionally, be sure that all information submitted online during the e-visa process is double-checked, as any mistakes made in the information provided can result in a denial of entry.

Transportation in Siem Reap

from australia to siem reap

The most popular ways to get around Siem Reap are by Remorks, bicycles, motorcycle taxis, and walking.

  • Remorks: Remorks are Cambodian Tuk Tuks or motorbikes with attached trailers that accommodate around 3–4 people. This is the most popular transportation mode, especially for travellers. While Remowrks is one of the slower transportation options, it is also one of the cheapest and a great way to see the city. Travelling between Siem Reap Airport and the city center, for example, will cost you just $9.00!!
  • Biyclces: Siem Reap is a bicycle-friendly city that welcomes travellers to explore the city and all the attractions within it without having to arrange transportation every time you want to stop somewhere. If you are staying at a hotel or higher-end accommodation, you will likely be able to use the accommodation’s bicycles for free. If not, however, you can still rent a bicycle at a rental shop from the Old Market or Wat Bo Road. Expect to pay between $2-4 per day for a regular bike, or upwards of $10 for a mountain bike.
  • Motorcycle Taxis: Motorcycle taxis are another popular way of seeing Siem Reap and the surrounding areas. You can typically find a driver near popular tourist attractions, request one via Grab or Passapp, or simply walk over to a driver and see if they are available. Be sure, however, that if you do not request a ride via a Ride-share app, you negotiate the price before getting on the motorcycle taxi.
  • Cab / Taxi: If motorcycle taxis don't seem like a safe enough option of transportation for you, consider booking a car taxi via Grab, Pass app, or locating one on the street. Again, if you do locate and book with one on the street, negotiate the fare with the driver before getting in the cab.

Best Places to Go in Siem Reap

from australia to siem reap

Siem Reap is a perfect blend of rich cultural experiences & straight-up fun! Some of the best places to go and experiences to have are the following:

  • Angkor Archaeological Park: If you’ve done any research about Cambodia or have gotten a recommendation from a past traveller, you’ve likely heard of Angkor. It is home to the world-renowned Angkor Temple complex and one of the most sought-after archaeological sites in all of Southeast Asia. It is a must-see when visiting Cambodia, especially with an experienced Cambodian tour guide if you want to experience all the history and nuance of the park.
  • Quad Biking in the countryside: Escape the city center to get a feel for the more rural side of Siem Reap with a quad biking tour where you can experience more of the local lifestyle and culture.
  • Pub Street & Night Market: In the heart of Siem Reap you can find Pub Street and right next to Pub Street, Siem Reap’s Art Center’s Night Market. Both locations are filled with local restaurants, bars, and great, local shopping.
  • Ta Prohm: Known as the Tomb Raider temple, Ta Prohm is an ancient Buddhist temple built in the early 12th - 13th century. It is open from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. every day, and, is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Cambodia, providing a great deal of insight into the past.
  • Tonlé Sap Lake and Floating Villages: Ever wondered about what life is like living on the water in Cambodia? You can experience it for yourself on Tonle Sap Lake, where you will witness a thriving community living on the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.
  • Visit a Silk Farm: If you’ve never been to a silk farm, a visit to Angkor’s Silk Farm is worth your time. Capture a glimpse into the intricate process of silk weaving, while entering a luscious farm that hosts the workshop where the magic is made.
  • Kulen Mountain (Phnom Kulen): Kulen Mountain is located about 2.5 hours outside Siem Reap, making it day-trip-worthy if you are a nature lover and enjoy hiking, waterfalls, or picnics in a scenic location. This mountain is considered sacred in Cambodian culture for it is where Jayavarman II declared himself the god-king of Cambodia.

By now, you have about all you need to make the trip as seamless and memorable as possible!
Remember to bring modest pieces of clothing for when you visit the temples and religious sites, and stay clear of tap water. P.S. Having a few Khmer phrases in your repertoire will take you far!
Happy travelling.
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