Insight the 10,000 USD tour in Vietnam

by TAA on December 25, 2019

Covering the whole resort, flying in a special plane, requesting a private chef in Vietnam,... are just some of the service requirements that travel agencies offer to the luxury travelers.

a photo tour in Phu Quoc with a boat trip to the small islands nearby
Billionaire couples took photos and recorded videos on the second day of the wedding in Phu Quoc - Photo: HOA TRAN

The director of a travel agency, which serves 80% of VIP guests, said that Vietnam emerges as the destination with luxurious and high-quality accommodations for high-class visitors.

Tour over 10,000 USD/pax

The attractive point to visitors is delicious and healthy cuisine. The unexpected element will make customers remember for a long time.

"We once served the owners of large corporations coming to Da Lat to play golf. According to the schedule, they would go to the mountain in Da Lat to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful scenery, then came back to the hotel for breakfast. But we made them surprised by bringing a chef to prepare breakfast right on the mountain. As a result, the guests were not only surprised but also satisfied."- he said.

For group of billionaire guests, it is important to experience what they can not find in their home countries, so tourism products should be different, authentic, and less annoying, then they will spend money.

Some tour operators say the luxury segment is growing fast, over two digits each year, though the number of customers is not many, but the revenue is high. These tours can usually be sold for $ 10,000 per person or more. There are visitors to Vietnam on a special plane who spend two days in the weekend just to play golf and talk about business.

ocean view from Vinpearl Phu Quoc resort
The luxury resort in Phu Quoc, Vietnam - Photo: Internet

According to travel agencies, luxury tourism is also divided into different groups, presenting different lifestyles and ways of spending money. In particular, the "luxury group" loves luxurious facilities and beautiful styles, but other groups of rich visitors seek for new and different experiences from their daily lives.

The third group of luxurious customers often wants to enjoy the luxury, so they pay attention to exclusive and unique services. The last group is the rich elderly, with their available affluent class, they seek for the rationality.

Travel agencies are targeting the luxury group and group of rich customers who look for new experiences. Therefore, high-class tours must bring great feeling for tourists, so the tour operators need to connect many different destinations on a tour itinerary.

In mid-October 2019, when visiting one of the new hotels just put into operation in Phu Quoc, Mr. Graham Cooke - the founder of the World Travel Awards - exclaimed that hotels in Vietnam is as modern and luxurious as other luxury hotels in the world.

“Another advantage of Vietnam tourism is warmly and friendly workforce. Vietnam has sufficient standard to make high-class tours. The missing is tourism products and attractive introduction about Vietnamese attractive destinations to inspire tourists” - said Mr. Graham Cooke.

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