Vietnam Culinary Packages: Vietnam’s local food

by Sonny L on May 11, 2018

Vietnam is romantic in every detail, from culture to history, beauty, and food. Travelers not only come to this city to visit the Imperial Citadel, Perfume River, Thien Mu Pagoda etc. but also to get pleasure from the Vietnam Culinary as well as street food.  Our Vietnam culinary package will help you to discover Vietnam culinary package and enjoy different cuisine at several street foods during your stay in Vietnam! These eateries are raw and authentic and are a true reflection of Vietnamese culture. Your trip for Vietnam culinary package will lack something enjoyable if you miss out the opportunity to eat the local dishes mentioned below.

banh mi viet nam, vietnam street food

Grilled or roasted pork

The Vietnamese name of Grilled or Roasted Pork is “Lon Cap Nach”. Both local and foreigners have a curiosity to ignite the preparation process of this unique local food. Village people catch the small pig and processed it to gets grilled or roasted. This kind of grilled/roasted pork is mouth-watering, less fatty, with crunchy skin. It is a big must to eat when you are there. 

Smoked water-buffalo’s flesh

Smoked water-buffalo’s flesh is the specialty of the hill tribes in Vietnam. You will get the best buffalo’s flesh if you buy it at the tribal villages during the Vietnam visit. Eating the smoked water-buffalo’s flesh and drink the local stem wine will let you feel the authentic existence of the hill tribes in Vietnam. 

Horse Beef

Horse beef (Thang Co) sounds exotic and extraordinary to most foodies.  This local food is prepared with several seasoning which is traditionally inherited. It is the specialty of the Vietnams tribal people and is most popular in the hill-tribe markets. 

Black chicken

The grilled black chicken is a most popular and special dish often supplied with several herbs, pepper sauce, salt, and lemon.  People believe that it can be used as an effective remedy for heart disease. This local delicacy can attract every foodie and traveller on a Vietnam Culinary Packages trip might be incomplete without this delicious dish of the black chicken grilled with honey. 

Grilled dishes

What could be more wonderful experience than eating the hot grilled food in a Vietnam Culinary Packages trip? The locals of Vietnam owns a rich collection of the barbecued dishes of beef, pork, fish, sausage, potato, root vegetable, bird, quail, etc. numerous food ingredients will be combined over the sticks to be grilled directly on slow fire to serve the customers on the spot. 

Bamboo-tube Rice

Bamboo-tube Rice is the typical food of the tribal’s in Vietnam. The main ingredient is the glutinous rice that cooked in the bamboo tubes. You can use your hands to take out the bamboo tubes and eat the rice inside. The sweet glutinous rice will give a nice bamboo fragrance a must to eat in a Vietnam Culinary Packages tour. 

Seven-color Sticky Rice

Seven colors sticky rice is a traditional food of local tribal community in Vietnam prepared out of the extracted natural leaves. The natural color and taste bring this dish the true sense and flavor of the Mountain in Vietnam. The hill tribe in Vietnam believe, eating the 7-color sticky rice will bring lots of luck, fortune, and health. So, catch the break to taste this memorable local food on a Vietnam Culinary tour!

Vietnamese famous La Vong fish cake hot served to customers


If you have a desire for some delicious Vietnam foods we (Travel Authentic Asia) help you select the right type of Vietnam culinary package that will meet your wish. We offer a wide variety of Vietnam culinary package for your tour that comes with a customized itinerary keeping in minds your necessity and resources. To choose an appropriate culinary tour package for your Vietnam holiday tour speak to our experts on +84 4 66894949 or email: [email protected]

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