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by TAA on October 20, 2021

We at Travel Authentic Asia are not the only tour operator who can help you have a vacation in Thailand and Vietnam. However, we proudly proclaiming us as the best tour operator to organize yourThailand and Vietnam holidays

You may say that is what every service provider says. Yes, you can say so. However, here are the reasons why we are confidently the best amongst others.

Customer reviews

If you look at the reviews given by our previous clients, you can quickly notice why we are a trusted and reliable tour operator to organize Vietnam tour holidays. Together with Travel Authentic Asia, our valued customers have always received the very best travel experiences and stay away from any worries. On the contrary, they praise us in every aspect, having a link with organizing a comfortable, safe, and affordable tour package.

happy customers when travelling to Ha Long Bay with Travel Authentic Asia

Our success is to bring the happiness to our happy customers

What to expect being with us

Our previous clients received the following assistance from us and likewise, you can also.

- We plan or even customize our tour schedule according to our client's likings.

- Make it possible to visit the crowded site without much hassle.

- Have guidance from local guides.

- Have the option to select tour packages according to your budget.

- Have social interaction with residents to have proper knowledge about Thailand and Vietnam.

- We make it possible for our clients to stay and travel safely and comfortably.

Our previous clients did not face any language problem and so neither would you when you are with us.

Have the assistance of local guides

Even if a tour operator has an office in the USA, they can have local guides to assist their clients. So, what makes us different from such tour organizers? Our guides are not only local but have travelled and experienced themselves those places where you would go during yourThailand Vietnam Cambodia tour. If by any means you are with us, you will feel it yourself. If you notice our guides' acquaintance with local people, you can feel that they know each other personally. Moreover, our guides have the best knowledge regarding a place that you visit. Imagine your feeling listening to the stories about the past of Angkor Wat that could be found nowhere on the Internet or any documents, while really standing in between the ruins of the temples.

foreign tourists enjoyed night street food around Hanoi with our local expert guide

With or expert local guides, you can explore to most authentic experiences like local people in where you visit (Photo: enjoying Coconut ice-cream - a specialty of Hanoi night street food)

Safety and comfort

The motivation that leads us to gather as a team is not to make a profit. We intend to draw vacationers to this part of Asia and share with them the prestigious past, heritage, culture, and modernism that have occurred. We make sure that our guests have the best of comfort and safety when they travel with us.

Customization of the tour schedule

Our reviews will also showcase how able we are to customize our tour itinerary. But, of course, it is our guests who decide the itinerary. We do have some pre-planned tour schedules; however, our tour planners do not waste a minute to customize the tour schedule according to our guests' liking.

Tour for any group size

The size of your group is never a problem for us to organize tours. Moreover, we can arrange tours of similar itinerary for a sole traveller and a group of people with the same travel conditions and accommodations.

Private group tours in every size with Travel Authentic Asia

The expense of the tour

As said, our intention was never to make a profit, so we always try to offer tour packages that are affordable and fit any budget of a vacationer.

Next time when you plan to visit Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia, remember us at Travel Authentic Asia.


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