Why Ho Chi Minh City is Your Next Tourist Destination

by Sonny L on December 11, 2018

Vietnam is known as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is getting its attention from different part of the world due to its fantastic features. Someone can easily feel its marvelous qualities visiting to this amazing place. Stretching the length of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam reaches from the north, with its alpine peaks and Red River Delta, through the central high temperate region to the Mekong River in the south, with its modern life in Ho Chi Minh City. A twin-center holiday is a great way to get firsthand experience of both sides of Vietnam’s unique culture and heritage.

crowded street with many motorcycle during peak hours at the central hall of Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh City is well connected to different part of the world through air. Expect to be surprised by this multi-cultural city with its Asian and French-influenced cuisine, thousands of motorbikes and Ben Thanh Market, which is anything but Communist in its entrepreneurial activity. One of forty markets in this city accommodated small traders those are not able to occupy the lavish and pricy malls. Hundreds of vendors create a narrow maze of stalls selling everything from cobra wine and fine silk fabric to the highly advanced Japanese gadgets.

You don’t have to think much to get a suitable accommodation. There are a number of hotels and luxury villas are available those will make your staying fill with comfort. In order to add more excitement to you trip, don’t forget to visit rooftop bars. These are perfectly designed for westerners. All most all the roof top bars are the most amusing place those add more fun to your trip. You can easily watch the mesmerizing view of Ho Chi Minh City.

Travelling through Ho Chi Minh City is quite easier through local transport. You can also opt for different affordable way of transporting including cycle, motorbike taxis or by renting your own motorbike. Navigation in this iconicity is so easy. You can easily get city map from the Tourist Information Center. Apart from all these things, Reunification Palace is another fantastic place to visit. It is still on the same condition as before. You’ll truly love its unique features including circular sofa, vintage paraphemalia and replica tank on the front lawn. Less entertaining is the War Remnants Museum with some gruesome photographs and exhibits. The Cu Chi tunnels of the Viet Cong can also be explored, although this is not a trip for the claustrophobically inclined.

Saigon central post office

Pose for a photograph outside the City Hall, next to the statue of Uncle Ho, visit one of the very pleasant pagodas in the city with their gorgeous sculptures or visit the Dai Nam Van Hien Temple located in the tourist park which also house the zoo, shops, hotels and a huge man made mountain. All these things are something those will mesmerize your trip to this iconic city.

Apart from them, you can visit museum, different cultural parks in order to get a clear knowledge about Vietnam and its history. If you love shopping, Ho Chi Minh City is the right place for them. Here you can have different things in your shopping cart. Shopping is another feather for why you should visit this iconic city. After all these features, your trip Ho Chi Minh City will be memorable compared to other cities.

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