Two attractive train streets in Asia for tourists

by TAA on January 16, 2023

Mae Klong market in Thailand and Shifen ancient village, Taiwan, are places that attract visitors to take photos and live virtual when the train passes.
Along with the train street cafe in Hanoi, in Asia there are two railway hamlets that attract tourists and are often present on forums, namely the Mae Klong railway market in Thailand and the ancient village of Shifen on the island of Taiwan.

Mae Klong Railway Market

Maeklong Railway Market
Mae Klong Railway Market

The market was established in 1905, located in Samut Songkhram province, on the Gulf of Thailand, about 80 km from Bangkok. Initially, the market was on a vacant lot. After that, the government built an additional railway crossing to facilitate the transportation of fishery products in the area. The market still exists and develops to this day.

Around the train line are stalls selling all kinds of local people's products, above are tarpaulins and umbrellas. When shopping at the market, sometimes you will hear the sound of trains and whistles. But it's not long before you see the train passing the market.

The reason is that the train speed is slow, about 30 km/h. When they heard the siren, the vendors began to move furniture, umbrellas out of the track area. After the train passed, they returned the goods to their original place and traded as usual. This scene happens every day.

The market with a train running through is the highlight, attracting tourists to visit. However, those who are not familiar with the train whistle may be startled, or heartbroken, according to many first-time visitors.

This place was formerly a seafood market, and until now, the most sold item is still seafood. Therefore, if tourists want to find unique and strange souvenirs, they should go to the big markets in Bangkok to shop. "Souvenirs here are cheap, but simple and unremarkable, you can consider when buying," one tourist suggested. Near the railway market are the floating markets Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa. This is also a tourist destination worth visiting when it is convenient to have a road.

Shifen Old Street

Maeklong Railway Market
Shifen Old Street

Located in Pingxi District, Shifen is an area of ​​lanes and alleys that surrounds the railway station area of ​​the same name. In the early 1920s, this railroad was built to transport coal, with the station and tracks running directly through the village. Currently, this place is a famous place, attracting tourists, located about 32 km from Taipei city, Taiwan. It used to be the filming location of the famous movie "The Girl We Pursued That Year".

The rails are still in operation today. Therefore, sometimes visitors will have the opportunity to see the train passing through this place with their own eyes. And every time the train passes is also an opportunity to take souvenir photos, documenting this unique experience. Currently, locals take advantage of the space on both sides of the track to sell souvenirs and food to serve tourists.

This is also a place where it is allowed to release sky lanterns because it is surrounded by mountains and rivers, helping to prevent the lanterns from flying too far. Many places prohibit the release of sky lanterns because it can get stuck on the roof or other areas, causing a fire.

From Taipei, visitors have many ways to move here such as taxi or train. From Taipei Main Station, take the train to Ruifang Station, change to the line to Pingxi. There is also a round trip shuttle bus service to Shifen.


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