Vietnam Bun Dau Mam Tom - A curiosity of Vietnamese cuisine

by TAA on January 7, 2022

Bun Dau Mam Tom (Vermicelli with fried tofu and fermented shrimp paste) is a famous Vietnamese street food that is loved by many people. This dish is made with simple ingredients that are easy to prepare. Vermicelli with shrimp paste brings a rich flavor, characteristic aroma, extremely attractive. Let's learn about vermicelli with shrimp paste in our article below.

How attractive is Bun dau mam tom?

In the list of the most famous and attractive dishes in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention vermicelli with shrimp paste or Bun dau mam tom. Right from the name you can imagine what the main ingredients to make this dish are.

According to local people, the origin of the dish has been around for a long time, the exact time cannot be determined. At first, people often fried beans to eat with vermicelli in family meals. But because the dish has a strong flavor, it is sold on the sidewalks and street vendors.

Over the years, today's rustic dishes have been "upgraded" with a more delicious taste. Instead of just vermicelli and fried beans like the traditional method, toppings such as spring rolls, boiled pork, sausages, spring rolls appear to make this dish more interesting. When eating, people often add chilli, lemon to shrimp paste and beat well. Rich flavor, lingering on the tip of the tongue.

Bun dau mam tom with fried tofu, Cha com and nem Vietnam

The characteristic aroma of shrimp paste is not liked by everyone. However, once "crushed", it is impossible to resist the attraction of the noodles filled with filling. Ha Thanh bean vermicelli is stored on a plate or plate when serving customers. Nowadays, you can enjoy this dish in street vendors, sidewalk shops or at chain stores specializing in providing noodle soup.

How to spot delicious Bun dau mam tom?

Today, Bun dau mam tom has appeared in many localities across the country. However, in terms of taste, nowhere is particularly attractive like Hanoi. The dish is delicious, rich or not depends on the ingredients. Here are some of the most important notes.

Tofu: The selected bean has a very special scent, characteristic fatty taste, then will be made into tofu. When placed on the fryer, the tofu is crispy and golden, not too dry.

Vermicelli: Bun, or vermicelli is another ingredient that determines the quality of the dish. This type of vermicelli is made from Hai Hau rice, when eaten, it feels cool and fragrant.

Shrimp sauce: Shrimp paste is the most "quintessential" of the dish. The most delicious sauce is usually from Hau Loc - Thanh Hoa, with a slightly pink color and a characteristic aroma.

Good shrimp paste with nice purple color

Cha com: Cha com is most famous in Vong village. When eaten, the taste is delicious and rich, with the aroma from “Com lang Vong” (Vong green rice), very different from the usual pork or spring rolls

Pork: Selected pork belly or pork leg meat is the most tender and delicious. When eaten, the meat is firm, not mushy.

In addition to the above ingredients, in Vietnam, you can also find Bun dau mam tom with fried sausages, fried spring rolls,…

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Notes when eating Bun dau mam tom

Bun dau mam tom is a familiar and popular dish that many people love. It is available in many places, but the ones in Hanoi are always appreciated for their taste. To ensure food hygiene, you can prepare this dish at home both quickly and nutritionally. When processing, it is necessary to immediately pay attention to the following issues:

  • Tofu should not be fried over and over again. So the tofu will not be dry, when eaten crispy and more delicious.
  • You should cook shrimp paste before eating, should not reuse the old shrimp paste, but make a new one.
  • Prepared ingredients must be fresh and of good quality. Absolutely should not use vermicelli that is sour, stale ingredients, with an odor that both affects health and loses its delicious taste.
  • You should choose reputable shrimp sauce brands in the market. Do not buy products of poor quality, of unknown origin.
  • Eating utensils must be cleaned before use.

Video about trying Bun Dau Mam Tom in Vietnam:

Who should not eat Bun dau mam tom?

Vermicelli with tofu and shrimp paste is delicious and special, but not everyone can eat this dish. Deliberately eating not only does not tolerate nutrients in the body but also has the potential for many dangerous diseases to health. Therefore, the following people should not eat Bun dau mam tom:

  • The immune system of pregnant women is often weaker than the average person. That's why they should absolutely not eat Bun dau mam tom to keep both mother and baby away from harmful agents
  • People with illness, fever, flu.
  • Bun dau mam tom is not suitable for those with a sensitive digestive system.
  • People with stomach pain, gastritis, stomach ulcers, colon diseases... should not eat this dish.

Bun dau mam tom with many different toppings brings a rich and attractive flavor. Today, you can enjoy it in many places, the price is also affordable, but to ensure food safety, it is recommended to only eat at clean and hygienic restaurants. Hopefully that the information can help you gain more useful knowledge. Wish you and your family delicious with this rustic dish!

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