Siem Reap Market: A colorful reflection of Cambodia's culture

by Travel Authentic Asia on March 21, 2023

Siem Reap, the gateway to the famous Angkor Wat temples, is a vibrant city that gives you the chance to explore Cambodia’s rich culture and history. One of the best activities to enjoy this lively culture is by visiting the city’s markets where locals and tourists alike come together to shop, eat, and socialize. Here we will dive into the best Siem Reap market that you must know!

Table of contents:

1. Made in Cambodia Market

Siem Reap market - Made in Cambodia Market
Siem Reap market - Made in Cambodia Market

The Made in Cambodia Market is a unique Siem Reap Market that focuses on promoting locally made products. Here you'll find a lot of goods made by Cambodian artisans, from clothing and jewelry to home décor and art. This market is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts that are not only beautiful but also support the local community. This abundant market is the best Siem Reap market when you come to visit Cambodia.

2. Phsar Chas (Old Market)

Siem Reap market - Phsar Chas
Siem Reap market - Phsar Chas

Phsar Chas, also known as the Old Market, is one of a bustling Siem Reap market that gives a glimpse into traditional Cambodian life. Here you'll see an array of goods, including fresh produce, meat, fish, and spices. The market also offers a range of clothing and household items, as well as a selection of street food stalls that offer tasty and affordable meals. Visiting this vibrant Siem Reap market should be on your list of a day trip in Siem Reap.

3. Noon night market

Siem Reap market - Noon night market
Siem Reap market - Noon night market

The Noon Night Market is a fantastic experience for foodies. This Siem Reap market has a wide range of street food vendors offering everything from traditional Cambodian dishes to international cuisine. This market is particularly popular with locals, making it an excellent place to experience the local food culture. The best market in Siem Reap that you are looking for could be the Noon night market!

4. Angkor Handicraft Association

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Siem Reap market - Angkor Handicraft Assiciation

The Angkor Handicraft Association is a cooperative that brings together local artisans to create unique handmade products. In this Siem Reap market, you'll find beautiful silk scarves, handwoven baskets, and other handicrafts made using traditional techniques. This market is an excellent place to support local artisans and learn about traditional Cambodian crafts.

5. Angkor Night Market

Siem Reap market - Angkor Night Market
Siem Reap market - Angkor Night Market

The Angkor Night Market is a well-known destination for tourists and locals alike. An array of stalls selling everything from souvenirs and clothing to handmade crafts and jewelry are what you will find in this Siem Reap market. The market is particularly atmospheric in the evenings when the stalls are lit up with colorful lights and live music fills the air. It's also an ideal spot for you to enjoy the nightlife in Siem Reap.

Visiting Siem Reap's markets is an excellent way to experience the city's unique culture and support the local community. Each market offers something different, from handmade crafts to delicious food, and all are well worth a visit. Whether you're a seasoned shopper or just looking for a taste of local life, Siem Reap's markets are sure to make you have a memorable experience.

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