Tea style around the world

by TAA on December 31, 2019

A cup of tea is not just a drink. It is the culture and history of each nation. Hence, it is interesting to explore about the tea style in typical countries to understand the meaning and culture of these nations through drinking tea.

1. British Islands

The British may not have discovered tea but no one loves tea more than them. Two major contributions to the UK's tea are: Earl Gray - a blend of black tea with a special aroma from bergamot oil and "tea time" - a word used to talk about a snack at 4 pm. This is a different time than having a tea session between 5pm and 7pm, along with hot food. This tea time is thought to have come from Anna Russell, Princess of Bedford, in around 1841. Two centuries later, these two symbols were as closely associated with the United Kingdom as the Queen.

2. India

If pink is an impressive color of India, then the scent of tea is its aroma. Every street in every town has its own wallah tea. It's a black tea blended with milk, sugar, honey, filled with the scent of cinnamon, ginger, anise, pepper, nutmeg, and clove. Indians usually boil a little because the tea is quite fat, you can add a slice of fresh ginger to warm the cup.

3. Morocco

Anyone who has ever visited Morocco knows that a greeting is never a greeting without a hot cup of hot tea, which is drunk in two ways: sweet or very sweet. Usually the oldest man in the family will make tea. Tea is a combination of Chinese green tea with fresh or dried mint and sugar. The most interesting part is to pour water to the tea. Water is poured from above, into the glass jar below. It is a beautiful and sophisticated style that simultaneously enhances the flavor and releases the aroma of the cup of tea throughout the room.

4. China

Tea is a profit business in China. You can buy a cheap cup of tea for a few dollars, or if you are a connoisseur of tea, you can choose Da Hong Pao, an expensive oolong tea rated as the best in the world.

According to experts, China is still the largest tea producing country in the world. Each region of the large country has different types of tea: black tea, oolong tea, yellow, white, green or pu-her (a fermented black tea grown in Yunnan province and often sold in the form of a pressed tea cake). Recently, a collector in Shanghai paid $ 36.3 million in an Sotheby's auction for a small tea cup, which was from the Ming Dynasty.

5. Japan

Perhaps no culture on earth loves rituals as much as the Japanese do. They welcome the arrival of the full moon, the early spring peach blossom festival, the change of leaf season from green to yellow - all of which are reasons for celebration and memorial. Therefore, it is not surprising that drinking a cup of tea is included in formal customs.

At first, tea is regarded as a speech for ancient Japanese rulers to build social ties. And even now, everything served for tea is carefully considered from the pitcher, the type of tea to the seasons. There is a sense of harmony achieved from the balance between bitterness and sweetness. However, aside from experiencing the art of perfect brewing, tea ceremony is a more precious, because it is a moment when things slow down, and the only thing to focus on is the bitter taste of green tea on your tongue.

6. East Africa

One of the things the British brought to their colonial country in East Africa was the custom of afternoon tea. However, the continent only started growing tea in the 1800s. Many teas grown in Malawi and Kenya have a rich fragrance.

7. Russia

Russia's winter is very cold so their tea is so heavy that you can get drunk. The secret behind the tea is the famous samovar kettle. The charcoal, wood or pine stove and teapot with boiling water mixed with Chinese black or green tea leaves are always kept warm above the stove. Add in a sufficient amount of sugar, you will get a cup of tea balanced between sweetness and smell of smoke.

Drinking tea in the morning is also a cultural beauty of Vietnam, especially not too popular in the world. Indeed, drinking tea in Vietnam is not complicated with many steps, but it reflects the family reunion or energy intake for Vietnamese to start a new day.

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