Sapa tour package gives the best opportunity to experience Halong

by Sonny L on February 22, 2018

When you are in Vietnam you definitely would love to explore the beautiful treasures which are in store for you.  You will really miss a lifetime experience if you do not explore the emerald sea to impressive mountains and undulating terraces that are waiting to be visited. We at Travel Authentic Asia make that possible with our Sapa tour package Halong.

The unforgettable tour that awaits you

When you are with us you can expect to have a tour which you will cherish for years to come. The best way to enjoy the natural wonder and the unrivaled beauty of Halong Bay is to have a two-day cruise tour, spending the night with the stars in the sky. That is what we make possible to happen at an affordable rate.

You can sit on the deck of the ship with a glass of wine and enjoy the beauty and wonder of Halong Bay unfold in front of you. You will be amazed and enchanted as you pass through picturesque floating villages and the many spectacular islands carved by wind and waves through decades.

Ha Long Bay

The taste of fresh seafood and the excitement of visiting the magnificent limestone caves that are filled with thousands of luminous stalactites and stalagmites, swimming in the emerald water and watching the sun setting over the islands are something which you will share with your acquaintances back home. We leave no effort unturned to make your night at Halong to be the one which is filled with excitement and romanticism beyond your expectation.

The excitement and enjoyment do not end here. It is just the beginning. An overnight train will take you to Sapa which is a place of impressive natural beauty and hill tribe. You can experience the most beautiful trekking routes in the world and be a part of the tribal culture which has not changed for thousands of years.

Ha Long Bay, with two boats are wadering around two small islands

The journey through the mystic beauties of nature, the view of the breathtaking mountain paths, intermingling with the tribal and having the excitement of enjoying their ancestral culture is sure to make your trip the one that you would never forget. 

We are able to make available such a Sapa tour package in Halong as we are the local experts. Being local we know the life, extraordinary cultures and histories of the destinations which we showcase before you during our tours.

We feel that your happiness and smile is the biggest reward that we can get. That is what we endeavor to have by being passionate towards what we do. You can expect to have creativity and innovativeness in any nature of tour that you have with us. We care about you until you get back home safely. It is for sure that you will be having a safe, comfortable, interesting and hassle-free trip with us.

Let Travel Authentic Asia be your trusted friend when you are in Halong. We would tailor our tours so that you can have an authentic experience and best value for your money. The flexibility and comfort that we will offer that will enable you to have a hassle-free trip. You can easily talk with one of our travel experts by calling at +84 912221442.

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