Gold and diamond-plated temples and pagodas in Myanmar

by TAA on December 24, 2019

Situated on the most westerly point of the Southeast Asian landmass, Myanmar is one of the most physically diverse and beautiful countries in the region. From its sublime landscapes and rich history, to its serene people and deeply Buddhist culture, it is a destination like no other, offering the visitor a veritable treasure trove of wonders and delights unmatched in the world today. Allow us, with our dedicated team of Travel Authentic Asia, to show you around the enchanting country - Myanmar.

As a country with many Buddhist temples, Myanmar impresses tourists with the scene of brilliant gold-plated stupas and diamond, ruby statues in the sun.

white and golden temples

Shwedagon Pagoda: As one of the most famous temples in Southeast Asia, Shwedagon is impressive by its height of 99 m, located on Singuttara hill. Shwedagon Pagoda is considered the most sacred Buddhist temple in Myanmar, which possess the relics of 4 previous Buddhas. The main stupa of the temple is gilded, with 5,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies decorated on the top. A 76 karat diamond (15 grams) is mounted on the highest point of the stupa. Photo: Internet 

golden Swe Taw Myat temple

Swe Taw Myat: Also located in Yangon, Swe Taw Myat is symmetrically designed with gold-plated statues and objects. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Myanmar. Every year, when the people come here to worship, local people often bring yellow leaves to inlaid on Buddha statues for blessings. Photo: Internet

the Kyaiktiyo is built on a golden rock perching on top of a mountain

Kyaiktiyo: Located in Mon state, about 200 km northeast of Yangon, the small temple Kyaiktiyo is impressive with the location on the edge of a large golden rock, firmly on the cliffs for thousands of years. There are many valuable Buddha images and golden bells. Some Buddha statues in the temple are inlaid with thousands of gems and diamonds. Photo: Internet

white temple Ananda with gilded rooftop

Ananda: The majesticness, beautiful architecture and the golden tower make Ananda one of the most notable temples in Myanmar. The most impressive thing for visitors when coming to the temple is the gilded tower glaring in the sunlight. You can see it from far away. Inside the temple, you will see one of the four gold-plated Buddha statues higher than 9 m in the central room. Photo: Internet


Dhammayangyi: Located in the famous ancient Bagan complex, the Dhammayangyi temple is made from fired bricks shaped like a giant pyramid. It is said that in Bagan, People here say that in Bagan, if you want to see the charm, go to Ananda Temple, if you want to see the greatness, go to Thatbyinniu Temple, and if you want to see the grandeur, go to Dhammayangyi Temple. The temple stands out with gilded or painted Buddha images at the main gates and on the wall of the corridor. Photo: Internet

golden Taung Kalat is being surrounded with fog, on top of the mountain

Taung Kalat: Located on a high volcano, more than 730 meters above sea level, southwest of Mount Popa, the Buddhist monastery atop Taung Kalat is one of the most impressive sacred sites in Myanmar. After climbing 777 steps, watching the monkeys along the way, you will reach the monastery and admire the breathtaking panoramic view of ancient Bagan citadel from above. This mountain monastery is picturesque with its gold-plated peaks floating in the clouds. Photo: Internet

the flawless white of Mahamuni temple

Mahamuni: Located in the southwest of Mandalay city, more than 700 km from Yangon, Mahamuni is a famous Buddhist relic and an important pilgrimage center of Myanmar Buddhists. This destination features with a 3.8 m high and 6.5 tons weigh Buddha statue made of gold and decorated with precious stones. Buddhists and visitors come here to inlay the statues with layers of gold leaves overlapping each other. Photo: Internet

Kyeik Than Lan

Kyeik Than Lan: One of the top attractive destinations in Mawlamyine, the southeastern city of Myanmar, is Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda. In addition to beautiful architecture and impressive gold-plated stupas, there is also impressive landscapes around this temple. This is also the best sunset spot in Mawlamyine. Photo: Internet 

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