4 should-try experiences in Thailand for New Year

by TAA on January 16, 2023

Visitors can visit famous temples, enjoy vacations in many island destinations, or admire botanical gardens in Thailand.
Thailand is famous for its beautiful scenery, delicious food, suitable for those who want to explore the local culture. Travel Authentic Asia suggests four experiences visitors should not miss when coming to this country on New Year's Eve.

1. Enjoy vacations in island destinations

Enjoy  vacations in  island destinations

According to Thai tour routes, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the New Year's holiday in beautiful island destinations. Typically, Phuket is named in the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world.

According to the itinerary, visitors can explore Phang Nga Bay, known as "Little Guilin" with the mountains and water bordering the world, Ko Tapu Island, also known as James Bond Island. This is the place where Hollywood filmmakers decided to choose to launch the famous movie Spy 007. This place also has the famous Koh Phi Phi archipelago with two large islands, Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Le, once appeared in the movie The Beach of the world cinema capital.

Visitors have the opportunity to watch the sunset on Promthep "Stone of God" and snorkel at Maya Bay - the convergence of the beauty of Phuket with countless towering limestone mountains, surrounded by blue water. jade and arc-shaped white sand.

In addition to Phuket, Thailand also owns the coastal city of Pattaya, famous for its bustling nightlife at bars and performances. In addition, it is impossible not to mention Coral Island, surrounded by colorful coral reefs with a rich marine ecosystem, with many rare sea creatures. Because it has not been exploited commercially, this place is quite wild and quiet, in stark contrast to the excitement in Pattaya.

2. Visit famous temples

Visit famous  temples Thailand has more than 30,000 famous temples, attracting a large number of Buddhist tourists to worship, practice, study and learn about the Buddhist tradition.

According to the journey to discover Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai, visitors will visit temples such as Wat Rong Suea Ten, possessing a striking green background wall with golden details around, or the image of a divine snake. Naga. Visitors also have the opportunity to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep with its magnificent golden pagoda on the mountain, architectural masterpiece of the White Temple Wat Rong Khun, Wat Lok Molee - one of the famous sacred temples with three-storey wooden roof architecture.

According to Phuket, Bangkok - Pattaya tour, visitors have the opportunity to admire the sacred Four-Faced Buddha; Wat Traimit Golden Buddha temples with solid gold Buddha statues. Coming to Wat Yannawa boat temple, visitors will be impressed by the boat-shaped architecture built in the period of Rama III; gilded stupa containing Buddha's relics at Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount); Giant Buddha Mountain Khao Chi Chan...

3. The gardens are like fairy tales

The gardens  are like fairy tales

Thailand is famous for many unique ways of doing tourism, including the construction of large-scale botanical gardens with fairy-like beauty. Typically, Nong Nooch "garden of paradise" is located on 500 acres of steep hills and valleys behind Pattaya tourist area.

Open to the public since 1980, the garden quickly became one of the most popular attractions in Southeast Asia. Visitors will be amazed at the perfectly shaped lawns and hedges, alternating with fountains, ponds and vines, miniature Stonehenge and heart-shaped flower gardens. In addition, visitors can also take a boat ride, ride a bicycle, ride an elephant or enjoy musical performances, Thai dances or visit the motorsport exhibition.

Equally famous as Nong Nooch is the Rajapruek Royal Garden in Chiang Mai - the "Northern Rose", which is divided into 3 main areas including: the international garden of 22 Asia - Europe - Africa countries, the corporate garden. and the Thai garden converges more than 1,900 species of plants.

Centrally located in authentic Lanna architecture is the Royal Palace of Ho Kham Luang, where an exhibition of paintings from the life of King Bhumibol is displayed inside. Visitors should not miss visiting the Orchid Garden to enjoy rare orchids and the International Garden to visit many gardens designed in different styles, symbolizing the culture of each country, typically Korea. China, China, Japan and Bhutan.

4. Watch a transgender show

The gardens  are like fairy tales

Transgender show is a type of musical performance unique to Thailand, in which all artists are transgender, mainly transgender women. by Vietrantour, visitors can enjoy the unique transgender show Alcazar in Pattaya city. The show scores points with the performances of more than 400 artists with professional techniques including singing, dancing, drama, makeup and many other interesting performances. The program began with the harmony of artists in traditional costumes of many countries, followed by 17 different performances continuously for a period of 70 minutes.

Besides Alcazar, Simon Cabaret is a must-visit entertainment destination in Phuket island. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to admire the beauty of transgender people in Phuket, watch art performances such as singing and dancing with bold Thai culture, and many traditional art forms from other countries. is different.


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