Thailand - weather & travel conditions in April

Thailand Weather in April

Thailand’s weather in April is quite dry but pretty hot. Temperatures are normally from mid to high-30s in most places of the country making travel sometimes rather uncomfortable. Anyway, there is always somewhere to escape the heat and to enjoy your time.

  • Central Thailand with Bangkok, Lop Buri and Ayutthaya are at average temperature of 36oC whilst Kanchanaburi is more oppressive with around 2 degrees higher. Anyway, Khao Yai National Park seems to be more favorable with milder heat (33oC). 
  • Temperatures at Sukhothai, Phisanulok, Mea Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nan in Northern Thailand are also in high 30s and there is almost no rain at all.
  • Nong Khai, Udon Thani in the upper Northeastern Thailand have relatively milder weather (34oC) whilst in the lower part around Ubon Ratchathani temperature is a bit higher (around 36oC).
  • Eastern Thailand from Pattaya down to Ko Chang and Ko Kood is at the average temperature of 34oC and very little rain.
  • Both east and west coast in the South of Thailand offer mild weather with occasional rains on the west side (around Phuket) and very little on the east (around Ko Samui), perfect for swimming and water, island discovery. The average temperature here is around 33-34oC during this month.


Songkran Festival (Thai New Year)

Celebrated from 13th to 16th April, this is one of the most important festival and celebration in Thailand.

songkran festival thailand

Most exciting activity during the festival is splashing with or pouring water on others. This activity symbolizing the washing away of sins committed in the past year and brings good luck and prosperity.

Songkran is time to visit and pay respects to elders. People also visit temples, donating alms, cleanse Buddha images with fragrant water. In many cities, Buddha images from all of the city's important monasteries are paraded through the streets so that people can toss water at them, ritually 'bathing' the images, as they pass by on ornately decorated floats.

If you are in Thailand, prepare yourself to get wet!

Chakri Day

Held on the 6th of April, this event signifies the founding of the Chakri dynasty from which the current royal family originates. Ceremonies will be held at Temple of the Emerald Buddha and other temples throughout the country. Government offices, some schools, and banks close, but most other businesses open as usual on this day.

How to do and what to expect if travel in Thailand in April?

April is just simply hot in Thailand so, adventure activities such as trekking, biking are not recommended but beach retreat, water and island discovery is good.

The middle of April sees the Thai Songkran New Year celebrated and it involves a lot of water throwing that will offer opportunity to cool off slightly. Prepare to get wet and keep your camera, phone and things water proofed. If you do not want to get wet then just simply do not travel to Thailand this way as there is no alternative option.

Loose fitting dress is appropriate for the weather. Drink enough water and do not expose too much to the sun.

Haze is one of the things you may confront when travel to the north and northeast as farmers start to burn back the stubble in their fields in preparation for the new planting season.

Coasts in southern Thailand proved to be the best for retreat and to escape from the heat. Condition here during this time is excellent for water and island discovery as well as beach relaxing. Anyway, try to avoid some beaches are very touristy this time. If you want more peace then islands like Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan are good choices.

It is great idea to connect your holiday from Thailand to its neighboring countries. During this time, weather in Laos and Cambodia is still rather mild but the best to discover Vietnam.

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