Thailand - weather & travel conditions in March

Thailand Weather in March

March remains a good month to travel in Thailand with dry condition though temperatures continue to rise on all parts of the country since the hottest month is just around the corner.

The mercury continues to climb up through March in the Central Thailand to the level of mid 30s. Bangkok, Lop Buri and Ayutthaya are basking in sunshine with the temperatures range around 34oC whilst it is around 36oC in Kanchanaburi.

Sukhothai and Phisanulok, Mea Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nan in Northern Thailand have almost the same climate features with Bangkok and Central Thailand. Temperatures around 35oC and there is almost no rain at all.

Nong Khai, Udon Thani in the upper Northeastern Thailand have relatively mide weather (32oC) whilst in the lower part around Ubon Ratchathani temperature is a bit higher (around 34oC).

Eastern Thailand from Pattaya, Ko Samet down to Ko Chang, Ko Kood… has more rain than anywhere else that comes every three or four days. Temperatures is around 33oC.

South of Thailand on both coasts is basking in bright sunshine and blue sky with very little rain. Temperature is around 33oC. Perfect for swimming and water, island discovery.

How to do and what to expect if travel in Thailand in March?

March is closed to Thailand's hottest period. Anyway, there are still lots of things to do and enjoy your time in this country. Back of the country in the northeastern seems to offer the best weather condition for adventure discovery.

In other places, the heat can be a bit oppressive during the daytime. If you plan a long overland itinerary then the tour should start from cool to warm place before heading to the beaches for final relief. Loose fitting dress is appropriate for the weather. Drink enough water and do not expose too much to the sun.

If you want some island time but are bothered by the chance of rain, Ko Samet, roughly halfway between Bangkok and Ko Chang is a good compromise that sees little rain.

Haze is one of the things you may confront when travel to the north and northeast as farmers start to burn back the stubble in their fields in preparation for the new planting season.

Coasts in southern Thailand proved to be the best for retreat and to escape from the heat. Condition here during this time is excellent for water and island discovery as well as beach relaxing. Anyway, try to avoid some beaches are very touristy this time. If you want more peace then islands like Koh Samui or Ko Pha Ngan are good choices.

It is great idea to connect your holiday from Thailand to its neighboring countries. During this time, weather in Laos and Cambodia is still rather mild but the best to discover Vietnam.

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