Koh Samet

Koh Samet is a beautiful island locates in the southeast of Thailand, about 200km away from Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand. The island attracts visitors with its white sandy beaches, impressive coral reefs, crystal clear water and a unique T-letter shape.

To foreign tourists, Koh Samet is still a novel destination. Because of this unawareness, the island is still calm and remote, especially compared to the main tourist destinations like Bangkok or Pattaya. But the accommodations in the island is adequate to satisfy every tourist while visiting here. In Koh Samet, besides admiring the pristine beauty of the nature in the island or participating in the beach activities, you can enjoy a culinary adventure of cuisine or fine nightlife activities, night markets… 

koh samet

Koh Samet could be a potential destination that you could consider for a weekend trip. As the island is not so far from Bangkok. It only takes 3 hours to drive from Bangkok and 20 minutes by ferry from Ban Phe. Visiting Koh Samet, you can expect a perfect weekend barbecue on the beach, watching sunset in the beachfront bungalows or luxury experience in the cliff-top resorts.

Koh Samet is on of the driest archipelagos in Thailand. The annual precipitation of the island is much less than surrounding area. It could be an advantage since you can visit the island anytime in the year. The rainy season is from May to September and during this period, you should be careful of occasional storms.

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