Khao Luang Mountain

Located in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Khao Luang is the tallest mountain in Southern Thailand, about 1,835 metres above sea level.

The main highlight of that mountain is Khao Luang National Park, which lies on a 570-km² area. The park is famous for having the numerous waterfalls. With a lot off limestone cliffs, granite massifs, rainforests and number of rivers, the Khao Luang National Park makes a great habitat for plenty of faunas and floras, which attract not only the enviromentalists for experiments, but also the tourists who are in love with the nature and wildlife. It’s also a good choice for hiking and birds watching.


Drainage basins makes the park an important watershed for surrounding areas, through Klai River, Krung Chin River, Pakpoon River, Tapee River and the Pakhanang River, while Tapee River is one of the most important rivers flow into the Gulf of Thailand.

A fun fact is that in Thailand, there is not only one place named after Khao Luang, another prominent destination with the name “Khao Luang” is the Tham Khao Luang (Royal Cave), which located in Phetchaburi province.

Climate, best time to visit

Thanks to its location on the peninsula, Khao Luang receives monsoons from both the east and the west coasts, which bring the rain all year round and also cold weather.


Krabi has two main seasons. The rainy season is from May to January, with the most precipitation between October and December. The dry season is from February to April. The annual precipitation is 350–450 centimeters (140–180 in) and the temperature range is from 15ºC (the lowest) to 30ºC (the highest).

How to get in and out

To get to Khao Luang National Park, tourists can get departure from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat. The province has airport, railway station, bus terminals for convenient travels. After that, tourists can come to the Khao Luang National Park by motorcycle or by car.

After discovering Khao Luang, tourists can continue visiting Sukhothai for further.

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