Koh Mak

Koh Mak is a beautiful island, locates in the eastern gulf of Thailand, close to Thailand - Cambodian border. It is the 3rd biggest island in that area after Koh Chang and Koh Kood. The small tropical paradise Ko Mak measures just 16 square kilometers and is one of the safest places in the world, without rushing traffic, noisy beer bars or crowded beaches. The bays are hugged by gently lapping water that makes it a chill vibe.

Koh Mak is privately owned by a small group of families who work together to ensure the island proceeds in a sustainable way by following the ideals of ecotourism. There are 24 resorts in Koh Mak which provide perfection for relaxing holidays. In Koh Mak you will not find any jet-skis, nightclubs or red lights districts. Instead you can encounter biking trails, diving schools and laid back cafes amongst beautiful crystal beaches.

Although small, Ko Mak has a decent restaurant and bar that somehow remind you of Ao Khao, a couple of dive outfits and boat trips out to nearby islands, so there's a bit to do in beside hanging out on the beach.

Climate, best time to visit

Koh Mak locates in the southeast of Thailand and has a tropical climate which brings the island a nice and warm weather throughout the year. There are two main seasons: the northeast monsoon season from December to April with dry, sunny and warm weather and the southwest monsoon season from mid-May to November with rainfalls.

It's possible to visit Koh Mak all year round but the best time is between December to March since the weather is dry and sunny.

It is easier for you to visit the island in high season (December to March), because in low season (May to September) many boats would stop running.

How to get in and out Koh Mak?

Koh Mak is located around 350km from Bangkok and 60km from the nearest regional center Trat.

Koh Mak is connected with the mainland via a pier in Laem Ngop, south of Trat, and visitors can only get into the island by speedboat. So, from other parts of Thailand, you can come to Trat as a transit.

Trat has an airport, which means you can come here from Bangkok in domestic flights. It’s the fastest way, while a driving trip can take you from 3 to 5 hours to get to Triat from Bangkok or Pattaya.

From Liem Ngop, there are several daily speed boat operated. During the high season, there are also 2 to 3 boat services per day from Koh Chang and Koh Kut to Koh Mak.

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