Koh Libong

Ko Libong is one of 550 islands in Amanda Sea, southwest Thailand and the largest island in Trang province, just 3.5km from the mainland.

Despite being close to the mainland and own itself stunning beach, perse wildlife, pristine natural conditions… like other Amanda Sea’s island, Koh Kood is still somewhat a laid-back destination. The island is only known by a small number of tourists for the semi-eco activities here.


Accommodations on the island are still in a small number and can’t compare to other modern beach resorts like in Koh Ngai or Koh Kradan in the north… Almost the visitors come to Koh Libong are looking for a different experience, a more authentic feeling than a high-class beach holiday.

One thing you should note that Koh Libong is not an ideal place for beach sports and activities. The beach in Koh Libong is not the best for swimming, and there is not a spectacular ping spot here. In Koh Libong, visitors tend to spend time exploring local culture, or the authentic wildlife on a wide eastern peninsula and Mu Ko Libong Archipelago, all of them are truly distinctive experiences that you cannot meet in anywhere else.


Since the tourism in Koh Libong is still developing, you can choose to visit here in case you have spare time and want to explore more islands in Chang. Koh Libong is well-connected to other islands in Trang Province so you can take a ferry from surrounding islands.

The weather in Koh Libong is quite similar to the rest of Thailand’s southwest coast. The rainy season lasts from May to October, when many accommodations on the island are closed. From November to April are the dry season, and also the high season in Koh Libong. You can expect to a brilliant sky and perfect sunbathing during this time. One tips to visit Koh Libong during peak season, especially in February is that you should book in advance.

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