Khao Sok NP

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most beautiful jungle reserves in Thailand.

The park covers an area of 738.74 square kilometers, including parts of the Khlong Yee and Khlong Pra Sang forest, as well as Krai Son Raft House with the prominent floating bungalows, Khao Pung the sub-district of Ban Ta Khun, and parts of Khlong Sok and Panom sub-districts of Suratthani province.

Khao sok

Khao Sok National Park is highlighted with its limestone mountains and the scattered peaks of Ka Lo Mountain whose form resembles those of towers. The highest peak in the park perches at 961 metres above sea level.

The park is home to a diverse system of flora and fauna. Here you can see some of the rarest trees such as the Neobalanocarpus heimil, Genus Hoper, Chisocheton and Anisoptera… and animals like gaur, banteng, sambar deer, bear, Malayan tapir, macaque and so on…


It is a fantastic place to go on vacation. Elephant trekking, jungle trekking, canoeing and jeep safaris, all will give you unique experiences of a lifetime. The Cheow Larn Lake in the centre of the park with its famous Khao Sok National Park floating bungalows and luxury tents is a great place for spending your couple of days.

The weather is influenced by monsoon from both India and Pacific Ocean with rain starts from late April until late December. Most of precipitation drops during May to November. From December to April is the best time to visit the Khao Sok Park. The dry weather is ideal for trekking and many other outdoor activities.

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