Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of Thailand's largest national parks, located in Chiang Mai province. This is where Inthanon peak - the highest peak in Thailand located with the high of 2565m above sea level. Doi Inthanon National Park has an area of 482.4 km2 and it is a part of the Himalayas, which is famous for its rich flora and fauna, many rare species and a great eco-tourism area with many waterfalls, caves, old forests,... and is also an ideal destination for adventurous travelers to explore and conquer the roof of Thailand.


Famous attractions in Doi Inthanon National Park:

  1. King Stupa - is the place to keep part of the ashes of the last king off Chiang Mai, Chao Inthawichayanon King. There are a lot of old trees and beautifully decorated, making visitors feel like they're lost in a wonderland.
  2. 4 beautiful majestic waterfalls named Mae Ya, Vachrithan, Siritharn and Mae Klang, of which Mae Ya is the most spectacular waterfall with a height of 260m.
  3. King and Queen Temple, built following the typical Thai temple architecture, which symbolizes the king and queen of Thailand, and is the highlight of the national park.
  4. Ang Ka walking path, which is paved with wood and covered with green old trees, making any visitor here overwhelmed by its green beauty.
  5. Phra Mahathat Napha Methanidon and Phra Mahathat Naphaphon Bhumisiri, Twin Temples built on two hills, with similar architecture and connected by a trail. This is a place that attracts a lot of tourists when visiting to Doi Inthanon National Park



Doi Inthanon National Park is located in a tropical climate, combined with high mountainous terrain, so the temperature decreases with altitude, the climate is generally pleasant, the lowest temperature is in January with the average temperature of about 6 degrees. From March to June, the air is cool and the rainy season lasts from April to November.

The best time to explore Doi Inthanon NP is from December to February next year, when the temperature is cool. This is also the time when visitors can see the beauty of cherry blossoms, the migration time of the precious birds, that is very suitable for a bird watching tour.


Visitors can reach Doi Inthanon National Park from Chiang Mai, which is about 58 km from Doi Inthanon, within 1.5 hours traveling by car.

Anyway, Ao Nang, together with Chiang Mai, is one of Thailand’s two best paradises for extreme adventure sports.

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