Chalong is a sub-region in the south of Phuket, very developed in trade, service and tourism with famous restaurants and bars around Au Chalong pier. In particular, this place is famous for the sacred and brilliant Wat Chalong temple and the large Buddha statue that standing here visitors can admire the Andaman Sea.


Coming to Chalong, visitors can join scuba ping tours or sea cruises, with Chalong Bay in the south of the sub-district, one of the most crowded bays of tourists; admire the sacred vibrant and colorful Wat Chalong temple complex; admire orchids and butterflies at the botanical garden; learn about parrots and ostriches at Phuket Bird Park...

Wat Chalong is the most sacred temple in Phuket, where the relics of the Buddha are worshiped, so it is an attraction for many tourists. The main tower of the temple is 3 floors high, the total height is 60m, of which 2 floors are decorated exquisitely, the third floor is the observatory where you can see the big Buddha statue and enjoy the panoramic view of Phuket.


It is about 8 km south of Phuket town, so travelers can easily move to Chalong by car.

Chalong, Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate, as it is located on the island and near the equator, so the annual average temperature is stable, about 32 degrees Celsius.

Tourists can visit Chalong all year round, however, the best time is in the summer. The period from November to April next year when the weather is dry and cool is the most suitable time for a trip to Phuket and Chalong.

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