Nan is a central city and provincial capital of the same name province. It is about 670 km north of Bangkok. This is a small city with its old part bears the traces and vestiges of the long history of the land and now being restored.

The interesting sights in Nan include Nan National Museum, the original palace of the last two feudal lords of Nan, King of Nan’s Teak House that built in 1866 of golden teak, The Old Wall that constructed in 1885, Wat Phumin that is renowned for its cruciform and was constructed in 1596, Wat Phra That Chae Haeng that is the most sacred wat in Nan Province, Wat Phra That Chang Kham and so on…


Nan also known for its traditional long-boat racing that has been held annually after the Buddhist Lent (around September/October).

The Nan province until 1980s was a government-designated ‘remote province’ and was the home of bandits and People’s Liberation Army of Thailand. Thanks to government’s efforts and successes of the Thai army, during the last two decades Nan has opened up considerably. The roads that link the provincial capital with the nearby provinces of Chiang Rai, Phrae and Utaradit pass through exquisite scenery of rich river valleys and rice fields and this is a province to be explored for its natural beauty and its likeable people.

Nan remains a largely rural province with most of the inhabitants live on agriculture, growing sticky rice, beans, corn, tobacco and vegetables in the fertile river plains.


The province is the home of numerous Thai Lue and other hill tribes including Hmong, N'tin, and Khamu, who retain many of their fascinating customs and traditions.

Nan owns six national parks, one of them is the stunning Doi Phukha National Park, famous for its nearly 2,000 metres high mountains. The rich natural beauty of Nan makes it an ideal destination for trekking as the remote province sees far fewer visitors than neighboring Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

Nan is a hidden gem of the country and is waiting for travelers who wish to explore the natural beauty of northern Thailand and its rich cultural heritage in peace and tranquility.

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