The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle (pronounced in Thai: Saam Liam Thong Kham) is a notorious destination in Chiang Rai Province, north of Thailand. This place is named The Golden Triangle sine this is the meeting of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, and is also where the Mekong meets the Ruak River.

In the infamous old days, Golden Triangle is known as the centre of opium growing and trade. Due to this “weird” history, the Golden Triangle has become a curiosity to many people, especially for those who love adventures. These days, a lot of visitors try to reach this place to learn more about its sleepless history and also to find a different experience here. The flow of visitors has made a significant change in the life of the residents.

chiang rai

Thanks to its unique location, Golden Triangle covers the land of three Southeast Asia Countries - Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar - so you can easily visit all these three countries on this tour while no visas are required.

Despite the region’s fraught history, The Golden Triangle today is a serene stopover that is famous for coffee plantations, traditional villages with a persity of hill tribes living together, tranquil Ruak River, and one of the best elephant sanctuaries in Thailand - the Elephant Camp.

In The Golden Triangle, you can take part in treating the elephants, which are rescued and taken care of by the locals and also take bath with the elephants in the river.

If you want to learn more about the area’s history, you can also visit the Hall of Opium. With comprehensive, interactive exhibits, it gives you an unforgettable tour through the history of opium trading in Asia, how the connections work, and also displays the brutal consequences happened to the victims of opium addiction. 


To venture across the border, you can visit the border town of Mae Sai, where you’ll cross the Sai River into Myanmar to explore Tachileik. Remember that life in the border is still somewhat complicated, so you should take a tour guide to travel with you. The tour guide will know what to do in emergencies and also can help you to find out the places that are worth your visit.

The best time to visit the Golden Triangle is from November to March when you can enjoy the clear, sunny sky during the day and cool winds at night. During February and March is the harvest season, before the rains come in April. So please be aware of ashes and smoke for stubble burning.

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