Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son, a little quaint town, the capital of the same-name province in the northwest of Thailand. The town located on Shan Hills, near the border between Thailand and Burma, along the banks of the Mea Pai River.
Since the town is home to the famous backpacker town Pai, Mae Hong Son attracts an influx of visitors, who come to enjoy its peaceful rural lifestyle. This north-westernmost province is a totally different world. It is surrounded by endless high mountains, most of the town is covered by virgin forests, which are hidden behind the white mist all year round.
Mae Hong Son town is really close to Chiang Mai, only 368km away.

mae Hong son

The isolation of Mae Hong Son and its pristine beauty makes it a paradise for those who are in love with serenity. Besides the Pai, which has transformed into a tourist hotspot, the other parts of Mae Hong Son offer very little of modern accommodation but a lot of raw natural beauty. The endless rolling mountains, which is home of the Padong ethnic hill-tribe (Long-neck Karen), are marked by majestic waterfalls, hot springs giant cave and raw virgin forests.
Mae Hong Son is also home to Salween National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a perfect oasis for the ones who want to explore the marvelous nature beauty. Start your journey down the scenic Salween River or camp in the verdant jungle where nothing can stop you from your nature love. Perfectly stunning, with a mirror-like lake and verdant mountains, Baan Ruam Thai Coffee Village (known as Pang Ung locally) is another ideal camping spot.

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Climate, best time to visit
Lying on 256m above sea level, Mae Hong Son has a tropical savanna climate. Winters are dry and warm while summers usually have much more rain. Temperature is at its peak in April, when it is very hot with daily average can be at 38.7 °C (101.7 °F). The monsoon season starts from May to October, with heavy rain, while the weather might be cooler during the day, although it is still warm at night.
The best time to visit Mae Hong Son is from November to the end of April. Between July and August is the rainiest period, but it seems not able to prevent you from visiting Mae Hong Son.
How to get in and out
By plane
There are daily flights from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. It is the fastest and the most convenient way to get in to the town.
By bus
There are daily buses routes connecting Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai (from Arcade bus terminal) and will take about 8 hours. A better option is minibus, which also leaves from Arcade in Chiang Mai but only takes 5.5 hours (of course the price is a bit higher). If you choose to go by bus, you can travel through the northern (Pai) or southern (Mae Sariang) route. The northern is a bit faster. Bus station in Mae Hong Son is about 15 minute walking from the center of the town to the southwest. The bus station is set on a street runs parallel to the main road.
You can also take an overnight bus to Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Moh Chit), which would take you about 15 hours.