Thailand - weather & travel conditions in October

Thailand Weather in October

October sees general improvement in term of weather in Thailand. This month is transitional period between the wet and dry season. In many parts of the country the rains start to recede along with temperatures and humidity levels drop slightly especially toward the end of the month.

  • Central Thailand around Bangkok, Kanachaburi, Ayuthaya and Lop Buri remains pretty wet with precipitation around 230mm. Hua Hin in the bottom part see the big increasing of rains in comparison to the previous month up to the level of 240mm. 

Throughout the region the temperature stay around 31oC.

  • Good news comes in the Northern Thailand from Sukhothai, Phitsanulok up to Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son toward Chiang Rai and Nan with rains now back off allowing more blue sky and sunshine. Temperature of the area is around 30-31oC and humidity is higher in the lower part than in up high mountains.
  • Northeastern Thailand from Nong Khai, Udon Thani all the way down to Ubon Ratchathani shares the same good weather conditions with the Northern Thailand. Average temperature is around 30oC and rainfall even a bit lower (around 90mm).
  • Eastern Thailand sees rainfall increases in Pattaya and Koh Samet whilst halve in and around Koh Chang. Temperatures range around 30oC.
  • In Southern Thailand rainfall remains high on both coasts and temperature around 30oC.


Vegetarian Festival

This festival lasts for 9 days during the wane of the 10th month of the Thai lunar calendar. In general, throughout Thailand this is a spiritual festival with abstinence and purity as the central motif but the most extreme form of the vegetarian festival is in Phuket where it takes on a macabre aspect and has its own history and traditions. Great photographic opportunities.

Ok Phansa

This falls on the full moon of the eleventh Thai lunar month to mark the end of the Buddhist Lent. Monks are now finally can get out of their seclusions. Activities include visiting temples, alms and robes donating to monks and colorful processions around temples.

Chulalongkorn Day

Commemorates the day the King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) died, in 1910. Rama V is worshipped as a semi-god, many people bringing offerings in front of his statues or portraits in the hope of having their prayers answered.

How to do and what to expect if travel in Thailand in October?

Good news comes in October when the rainy season now starts to decline making travel in Thailand become easier and more pleasant especially toward the end of the month. Though it is still quite wet somewhere but there is a general improvement of travel conditions.

The north and northeastern Thailand are now more welcoming for adventure discoveries though you'll still be seeing some rain and paths can be a bit slippery after rains in couple last months. Anyway, classic travel there is good with moderate temperatures and pretty dry condition.

Long overland biking, rafting or river cruise all can be done now. Anyway, during this time, a mixed itinerary with more comfort and easy style than adventure is more appropriate than a big ambitious adventure itinerary.

Do expect street flooding somewhere and sometime especially in Bangkok and along Chao Phraya River. An umbrella or light poncho is needed when you travel around if you do not want to get wet because of sudden showers.

This time sees places in the country less touristy so, this is an advantage you can take and good promotion is another thing to think about.

There is not much choice of sun and sea this time since all the coast, beaches and islands now are under the range of rains more or less.

An itinerary with main highlights of Thailand combined with visiting to neighboring countries Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam is a great idea.

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