Safety in Myanmar

Myanmar is a hot place in the Southeast Asia Travel Trail now. Because it has just stepped out of the fragmentary past and opened the doors for tourism, traveling here faces challenges that are no problem in other countries in the area.
This is a beautiful and still very much untouched country. The infrastructure is beginning to improve and the art of the tourist trade is in the developing process. Therefore, if you plan your trip to Myanmar, just be well prepared and ready for a different kind of travel to discover this charming country.

Travel to most parts of Myanmar can be considered safe. Visitors to famous destinations such as the ancient temples of Bagan, crumbling colonial streets of Yangon, the former royal capital in Mandalay, and fabulous Inle Lake should use normal safety precautions.
Despite some no-go areas in the country and the on-going ethnic issues make it may not appear safe at times but as a tourist, there hardly affect you. Anyone thinking about visiting Rakhine State should reconsider their need for travel. Like Thailand and Bali, the overall rating for the country is a “high degree of caution” but Yes, Myanmar is surely safe to visit.
Hassle levels are low. Petty theft is almost very few too. Crimes against tourists are super rare. It seems the only issue is overcharge and it is a good chance for you to learn to bargain. The people are so friendly and ingenuous make they feel you are traveling to the past before the modernization and globalization time.

With some advice below, you will have the overview and will travel to the country with confident steps:

1. Please do not join in any kind of demonstration.
2. Please be careful when talking about politics with local peoples. The meaning can be understood differently from your original thought.
3. May to Oct is monsoon season and you are not advised to visit Myanmar this time. The full-blown cyclone, floods, or landslides can make your trip, not like your expectation.
4. Please also aware of earthquakes.
5. Like other developing countries, traffic in cities (Yangon) sometimes is crazy that need you to pay attention when crossing the streets, walking around after dusk because the streetlights aren’t ubiquitous and hazards can be numerous in small towns; pollution outside of Mandalay.
6. You are not advised to take photos of any government buildings, police, military zones… 
7. Please cover the tattoo of Buddha’s image up if you have. It is considered as an un-respected action to religion here.
8. Carefulness is not redundant so please do not walk around showing your wealth. A money belt or Active Roots Security Belt is a good idea to keep the money/passport safe.
9. Please cover your body up and use repellent to avoid being pestered by mosquitoes.
10. You are advised to be on a walking/trekking/hiking tour with a local guide that is arranged by travel agents as he knows well about the local situation, the place to and not to go…
11. Please take notice of snakes (included dangerous cobras) when you trekking or places where you tread.
12. Please be aware of the place you will swim in in advance. Only swim in safe areas near the coast and be also aware of strong tides.
13. Please do not feed the monkeys, especially in Popa Mount. Monkeys may become crazy and vicious by that snack/food. And also keep distance from dogs due to their fierceness and the risk of rabies sometimes.
14. Do not be scared by a red stain on the floor/ground. The betel will turn into reddish color when people chew. After they have done it, they will spit it out. You could see it everywhere.

So the main issues are almost come from nature: snakes, mosquitoes, dogs, floods, monsoons that you always need to pay attention to when traveling to a new place if you are a professional traveler. But traveling smart does not always mean watching out for people everywhere. It is strongly believed that you will have an awesome journey in Myanmar with its unique beauty – not like any Asia country such as Thailand, India or the Philippines… in the enhanced safety and development day by day.

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