Bagan is an ancient city located on the Eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River, and Myanmar’s most acttractive destination. Based on its long-term history, Bagan is nowadays known as a UNESCO World Heritage, as well as a city filled with ancient temples, architectures and artifact whose up to 1,500 years of origin. More than 3000 temples, pagoda and vestiges still survive to the present. For all the history and culture buffs from around the world, Bagan would be one of the most desired hidden treasures that they should explore for once in a lifetime, same as the Cambodia’s icon - Angkor Wat.

Bagan is covered in a sacred atmosphere, all parts of the city tell their own stories, legends, which are quite irresistibly seductive for visitors. From the Shwezigon Paya - where is believed to preserve the forehead and collar-bone of Buddha, to the said-to-be- possessed Dhammayangyi Pahto, or “The Jewel on the King’s crown” Sulamani Pahto. Besides the historical attractions, you could have many other exciting experiences in Bagan. The city is believed to have one of the most beautiful dawn and twilight in this world. So, for a chance, don’t miss out the chasing-after-the-Sun journey there. You can catch the sunrise on the highest Shwesandaw Paya, while drowning in the dust in Pya-Tha-Da Paya.

bagan myanmar

Climate and the best time to visit Bagan

Bagan locates in dry zone of Burma, between Shwebo in the north and Pyay in the south. Unlike other coastal regions of the country, which receive annual monsoon precipitation more than 2500 mm, the dry zone, as the name, is drier, as the rain is sheltered by Rakhine Yoma mountain in the west.

The best place to visit Bagan is from November to the next March, since the weather in this time is quite comfortable, not too hot and can be fairly cold a night, while the summer in Bangan is really hot and dry. And as October-April is the hot air balloon in Bagan, travelling in that period is a wise choice for who want to enjoy air balloon experience.

bagan myanmar

How to get in and out

There’s an airport in Bagan call Nyaung U. You can fly into Bagan from Yangon and Mandalay.

Bagan is also connected to Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake... by roads, railways.

In Bagan, to leave the building, you have to buy the Bagan Archaeological Zone pass. After arriving in Bagan, the first thing you should do is to have yourself a city map. It can help you discover the city much more easily. The roads in Bagan are a little bumpy and still not concretized, it'd be better to wander around the city on foot or hire a motorbike to go further.

You can combine visiting Bagan with your trip, beside Mandalay or Yangon. The ancient Bagan is 100% worth it.

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