Hpa-an is the capital and also the biggest city of Kayin State (Karen State), Myanmar.

The city is known for its laid-back vibe, which seems surprisingly undeveloped despite its relative proximity to Mawlamyine and Yangon. But that maybe one reason why a lot of tourists want to visit the city as “The Burmese welcome”.

As a part of a Buddhist country as Myanmar, Hpa-an is covered in a worship atmosphere, but stand out all of the flashy images, Hpa-an has its own way to take into the visitors’ heart.

The first thing that you may want to do when come visiting the city is chasing after the dawn and sunrise. There could be one of the most photogenic scene that taking-photo lovers really desire to, especially when Mount Zwekabin reflects in the water and the monks walk through the bridge.

There are a lot of breathtaking landmarks in that city. Tourists could fascinated by Hpa-an on-top-of-the-mountain pagodas, such as Kyauk Kalap Monastery, which definitely make you wonder how creative the forefather is.

Kyauk Kalap Monastery observed from above with a lake surrounding
Kyauk Kalap Monastery

Besides all of the cultural attraction, Hpa-an also own plenty of beautiful natural sightseeing. You can jump on a boat to take a visit to Saddan Cave, which is a real postcard setting with paddy fields surrounding. Since Saddan is not the only cave in Hpa-an, there are other eye-catching caves around Hpa-an. Some of them have small temples or pagodas inside.

there is a golden stupa inside Saddan Cave
Saddan Cave

Climate, best time to visit Hpa-an

In Hpa-an, the wet season is oppressive and overcast, the dry season is muggy and partly cloudy, and it is hot year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 18ºC (64°F) to 35ºC (95°F).

The best time to visit Hpa-an is from mid-January to mid-March.

How to get in and out

You can get into Hpa-an from many part of Myanmar, such as Yangon, Mandalay, Mawlamyine, Dawei, Bagan and Naypyidaw.

To wander around the city, you can rent a bike or motorcycle.

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