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U Bein Bridge

U Bein Bridge is the world’s longest teak footbridge, which gently curves 1300yd across shallow Taungthaman Lake, creating one of Myanmar’s most photographed sites. Located in the outskirt of Mandalay city, the bridge was built in 1800 by the Mayor U Bein and has become one historical icon of not only Mandalay but also Myanmar.

In the dry season, the bridge seems really high and jittery, making a truly fascinating photogenic scene. But after the summer rain, the area turn into an enormous lake, with the water laps just under the floor plank. The great time to visit the bridge is right after the sunrise, when hundreds of villagers and monks come back and forth across it. For the best shoots, the photographers like to visit the bridge one hour before the sunset to get the best light. And even if the bridge at that time was become busy with busloads of people, you can still feel the unique atmosphere there.  

Climate, best time to visit

The climate in U Bein Bridge is semi-arid, with a dry and a rainy season a year. Taungthman Lake reaches the highest water lever during July or August. During this time, there are a lot of visitors going to U Bein Bridge. If you want to visit U Bein during the dry season, from November to the next January seems to be a wise choice, since the temperature is not too hot and the rainfall is just mediocre.

How to get in and out

From Mandalay, you can get to U Bein Bridge by cars.

In U Bein Bridge, you can take a boat trip on Taungthaman Lake or wander on foot to catch the dawn on the bridge.

On the way to U-Bein bridge, you can also visit Sagaing Ancient City and Inwa Ancient City.