Dawei is the capital of the Tanintharyi Region, locates in south-eastern Myanmar, about 614.3 km (381.7 mi) south of Yangon on the northern bank of Dawei River.

The city has been a historically important trading port. Based on its location and history, Dawei is blended with diverse cultural and historical attractions. In the past, Dawei was the colonial of Siam and then British. The city witnessed the Burmese’s fight for freedom, and maintains a lot of legacies from its rich history, which you need to explore if having a chance to visit there.

Besides the colonial architectures, Dewei also has its own traditional ones. The architectural attraction of the city is influenced a lot by the national religion - Buddhism. The most notable among them are the Shin Motehti Pagoda located to the south of the town, the Shin Datweh Pagoda located to the north and the Shin Maw Pagoda located on the promontory. The Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda featuring a 74-metre long statue of the reclining Buddha remains one of the most popular tourist destinations of the city.

Dawei is also famous for its natural breathtaking beaches and islands. One of the most prominent is Maungmakan Beach, a clean and tranquil place to relax and chill out. You can come to the Loung lone boke island and Pae Zin island on Amanda beach for snorkeling, boating and fishing. The mouth-watering seafood is also a highlight of that beach city.

Maungmakan Beach in Dawei

Maungmakan Beach

Climate, best time to visit

Lying on 14m above sea level, Dawei has a tropical climate. The dry season is from November to March while the rainy season covers the remainder of the year. The average annual temperature in Dawei is 26.6 °C | 79.8 °F. The annual rainfall is 5594 mm | 220.2 inch.

The best time to visit Dawei is from November to February, which falls directly after the monsoon season.

How to get in and out

There is an airport in Dawei, which serves domestic flights from Yangon, Mawlamyine, Myeik, Bokepyin, Kawthoung to Dawei and back.

Dawei is also connected to the rest of Myanmar by road and rail. From Dawei, you can easy come from/to Mawlamyine, Myeik, Bokepyin, Kawthoung and Ye. A highway and a railway across the Tenasserim Hills connecting Dawei and Bangkok transnationally are planned.

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