Bago (formerly known as Hanthawaddy). It is the capital city of Bago Division in the Irrawaddy region of Myanmar, located 91 kilometres (57 mi) north-east of Yangon. The city is established by two Mon Princesses from 573 A.C and now is considered as one of the most ancient cities in Myanmar.

For the tourists who like visiting many religious sites whilst traveling, it could be perfect to visit Bago. As a part of Myanmar, the main religion in Bago is Buddhism, which has affected not only the culture, but also the architecture there. There are some fantastic Buddhist architectural attractions around Bago. Tourists from all over the world have come visiting the city and its Buddhist complex to learn more about the Buddhism, and of course, express their respects to the Deities. There are a lot of attractions that tourists shouldn’t miss out, including Shwemawdaw Pagoda, which could remind to the Shwedagon of Yangon since they are all gilded from base to tip; the Snake Monastery,….

The main highlight of the city is the reclining Buddha statue in Shwethalyaung temple. The statue is the second largest reclining Buddha statue in the world. Believed to be built in 995, the statue has become an icon of the Bago’s lost world.

Reclining Buddha statue in Shwethalyaung temple
Reclining Buddha statue in Shwethalyaung temple

Climate, best time to visit

Bago has a savannah climate with a distinct rainy and a distinct dry period. Summers are very warm and wet. Temperatures are high all year round on average. During the rainy period temperatures may rise.

The best time to visit Bago is from the November to the next Ferbuary since the weather is not too hot and the precipitation is not much. It would be convenient for tourists’ Bagon discovery.

How to get in and out

Bago doesn’t have an airport, so the best way to get there is flying to Yangon International Airport first. From Yangon, you can get to Bago by trains or cars.

In Bago, there are bicycle and motorbike for rent. It’s a great way to wander around the city.

After visiting Bago, you can get to Hpa-An, Inle lake,… or back to Yangon for further travel.

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