Twante (also called as Twantay) is a township in Yangon region of Myanmar, which is considered as a cultural township of Myanmar.

Twante is famous for its iconic gilded 2500-year-old Shwesandaw Paya, which is the most impotant pagoda to the locals and pilgrims. The pagoda is believed to maintain the hair of Buddha. Beside that Golden Hair Relic Pagoda, Twante also contains other famous temple and pagoda, such as Kan Paw Aye - the snake pagoda or Maung Tee pagoda. Baungdawgyoke Monastery in Twante Township is one the famous as there are pagodas including the replica of Mahabodhi Temple. Tourists come to Twante not only for the worship attactions. The township is also known for its ancient pottery making. A lot of tourists join in the pottery workshop in Twante to learn about the trandional ceramic making way.

Climate, best time to visit

Twante has a tropical climate. Compare with the winter, there is much more rainfall in summer. The average annual temperature in Twante is 27.1 °C | 80.7 °F. The annual rainfall is 2013 mm | 79.3 inch.
The best time to visit the township is from November to the next March.

How to get in and out

Since the Twante is a part of Yangon region, tourists can get there by come to Yangon first. There is an airport in Yangon for all international and dormestic travels.

It’s a great idea to include Twante in Yangon discovering tour. Tourists can get a car or motorcycle to come to that township from Yangon. Another way to get into Twante is take a boat downstream from the ferry in Yangon’s downtown.

For further travels, tourists can come back to Yangon for transiting.