Bodhi Tataung

Are you planning a trip to Myanmar anytime soon? If yes, then make sure you visit Bodhi Tataung, one of the most famous destinations in the country. It's a place that will not only leave you in awe but will also teach you to be a better person.

Bodhi Tataung myanmar

The high monk U Narada has planted more than 9,000 Bodhi trees and placed more than 10,000 Buddha statues around Khatakan Taung village, near Monywa in the North of Myanmar. The intention of the high monk was to plant 1000 Bodhi trees, but he exceeded the number, making it all the more magnificent. That's not all - on the grounds of the Bhodi Tataung temple, the monk built two world famous statues. The reclining Buddha was inaugurated in 1991, and the standing Buddha was built in 2008, which is called Mahar Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Setkyar.

The Laykyun Setkyar standing between heaven and earth is 130m high and has 32 floors depicting the scene of hell to teach people to be good. This is not just a statue but also an educational tool that helps people learn moral values. On the other hand, the 95m high and 18m long reclining Buddha is the third largest reclining statue in the world, and it depicts the nirvana Buddha statue.

Bodhi Tataung myanmar

Apart from the magnificent Mahar Bodhi Tataung Laykyun Setkyar, visitors can also explore the wonderful Thanbodhay temple with the mirror Buddha house which is about 10km away. It's a place where you can spend hours admiring the intricate details and the peaceful ambiance.

Although Bodhi Tataung is about 25 km from city center of Monywa, it's worth the effort to get there. Tourists can transfer by taxi or motorbike. The best time to visit Monywa is in the dry season from November to April next year. However, you can visit Bodhi Tataung all year-round.

In conclusion, Bodhi Tataung is a famous destination in Myanmar that travelers must visit. It's not just a place to admire the beautiful statues and trees, but also a place to learn moral values and teachings. If you're planning a trip to Myanmar, make sure to add Bodhi Tataung to your itinerary. You won't regret it!

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