Htukkanthein Temple is an exciting travel destination located in the ancient city of Mrauk U, Myanmar. This city was once the capital of the Arakan empire led by King Min Saw Mon. Mrauk U is home to various temples with unique architectural styles such as Ratana, Lamyethna, Andaw-thein, Koe-thaung, and Htukkanthein.

Htukkanthein Temple Myanmar

Htukkanthein Temple is a must-visit spot for travelers who love to explore mysterious places. This temple is built in a unique octagonal design with sandstone foundation and bottom. Even today, there are secret organs and traps inside the temple that are still a mystery to scientists.

To visit Htukkanthein Temple, you need to travel to Mrauk U by boat, as there is no airport in the city. The boat ride takes around 7 to 8 hours, but the experience of cruising on the river and witnessing the beautiful scenery is worth it.

Htukkanthein Temple Myanmar

Htukkanthein Temple and the ancient city of Mrauk U are fantastic spiritual tourist destinations that you should not miss. They are second only to Bagan in popularity among tourists visiting Myanmar. The best time to visit Mrauk U is during the dry season from November to February.

If you are planning a trip to Myanmar, be sure to add Htukkanthein Temple and the ancient city of Mrauk U to your itinerary. These unique travel spots are sure to leave you feeling awed and enriched by their historical and cultural significance.

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