Kandawgyi Lake

Kandawgyi Lake, also called Kandawgyi Royal, is a man-made lake created by the British and is the biggest and most breathtaking one in Yangon. Situated in the serene Kandawgyi Nature Park on Natmauk Road and Kandawgyi Kanpat Road, it is a must-see destination for any tourist visiting Yangon.

Kandawgyi Lake Yangon city myanmar

This lake is surrounded by stunning greenery, including trees and flowers, and is an ideal spot for an early morning stroll. It also offers a variety of activities for families and children like a zoo and a children's play area. Moreover, the Shin Upagot temple is located in the north of the lake, floating magically on the water. In the middle of the lake is the Karaweil palace, a structure that takes the shape of the Pyi Gyi Mon royal battleship, where one can relish the royal art and witness the royal war that Myanmar is famous for, along with savoring delightful local food.

What makes Kandawgyi Lake stand out and entices visitors is how the colors of the lake change from sunrise to sunset. To view the dazzling dawn hues reflecting off the water's surface, a visit to the lake early in the morning is recommended. On the other hand, for sunset lovers, the lake is a stunning sight to behold during the late afternoon hours.

Kandawgyi Lake Yangon city myanmar

If you're planning your trip to Yangon, a visit to Kandawgyi Lake should be on your itinerary, and it is readily accessible through a quick taxi ride from your hotel in Yangon. It offers plenty of activities and sights that travelers will enjoy and is an ideal choice for those seeking serenity and tranquility.

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