Baphuon Temple

Located in the old Khmer capital city Angkor Thom and just a short distance from Bayon temple, Baphuon is a delightful temple in the shape of an ancient pyramid that offers a fantastic view of the Angkor Archaeological Park. The temple, famous for its spirituality and architecture, is probably one of the most impressive sites of the Angkor complex.

According to history, the Baphuon temple was built under the reign of King Udayadityavarman II in the 11th century, before the establishment of the Angkor Thom city. Originally, the site was a Hindu temple dedicating to Shiva but it was changed to a Buddhist temple in the late 15th century. After that, a huge reclining Buddha with dimensions of 9 meters height and 70 meters length was added on the 2nd floor to the west of Baphuon temple.

Baphuon Temple 1

The Baphuon temple has three enclosures, a 34-meter-height bronze tower, and intricate carvings depicting wild animals, lotus flowers, devoted figures, and men in battles. Traveling to Baphuon to enjoy the magnificent view of Angkor Thom, you will reach the site along a sandstone walkway stretching for 225 meters, passing a pavilion which leads you to the main temple with nearly the same size as its remarkable neighbor. Although the site is lesser visited than other main Angkor ruins, its large opened grounds create a tranquil atmosphere for tourists to stroll around, enjoy fresh air, admire the beautiful scenery and skillful carvings. On sunny days, tourists might have the chance to capture the clear amazing view from the top with Phimeanakas in the north and Phnom Bakheng in the south.

Being a part of the popular Angkor Small Circuit, Baphuon Temple is easily accessed by a private car from Siem Reap (around 10 kilometers). You can also combine to visit other “must-see” temples in the Angkor Archeological Park like Phimeanakas and Prasat Bayon.

Baphuon Temple 2

Climate, the best time to visit

The weather at Baphuon temple and its surroundings are tropical with two distinct seasons including the dry and wet seasons. The highest temperature of the region is around 35°C and the lowest is 30°C. In fact, you can visit the Baphuon temple all year round. However, the best time to explore the temple is from late November to February with lots of sunny days. Try to reach Baphuon in the early morning or late afternoon to enjoy cool weather and less crowded.

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