Traveling off-the-beaten-track in a country with a developing road network like Cambodia is not easy. Fortunately, there are remaining a few perfect places with hidden beauty for adventurous tourists, such as Pailin. The province is located on the north of the Cardamom Mountain (Western Cambodia) and is almost encircled by Battambang.
Pailin is well known for its gem mines for such a long time. Due to the wealth, it become one of the very first places to be overtaken by the Khmer Rouge. Nowadays, some of the mines still exist. Pailin is not only rich in history but also owns numerous beautiful attractions including religious sites, bamboo forests, waterfalls, and mountains. The scenery with more mountains and green color makes a great change in comparison with the bustle and hustle of the city center.

Pailin 1

The peaceful town is a heaven for people who are interested in biking and trekking. For those who wish to get a deep insight into rural Cambodia, visiting Bah Hoi village and staying overnight at a local homestay is a must. You will have the chance to chat with villagers and learn more about their unique culture. The religious site Phnom Yat, built in the mountain, impresses tourists with its plenty of ancient monuments consisting of Asroms and stupas of various sizes. Other delightful sights that tourists should not miss while relaxing in Pailin are nature & wildlife preserves Kbal Ochra, Ceasar casino, Phnom Keuy resort (also known as Blue Mountain waterfalls), Pailin waterfall, and Goh-ay Mountain.

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The most convenient way to reach Pailin is by using a private car from Battambang or from the border crossing from Thailand, which is extremely shorter. Along the way, it is scenic to make an optional stop to visit Phnom Sampeu. The alternative route from Koh Kong passing the spectacular Cardamom Mountains offers a stunning view of the unspoiled areas of Southeast Asia.
Climate, the best time to visit
Pailin has a tropical climate with hot weather almost all year round. The average temperature varies from 19°C to 32°C. The best time to visit Pailin is months lasting from November to February with excellent weather for outdoor activities, especially enjoying the amazing waterfalls after the rainy season.