Bayon Temple

Bayon temple has been known as one of the most impressive and mysterious temples in the beautiful country of Cambodia.

In the late 12th century and early 13th century, Jayavarman VII, King of the Khmer empire, established Angkor Thom his capital, and Bayon was built right in the very center of the city. As the king was a Buddhism supporter, the Bayon was the only Angkorian state temple to be built primarily as a Mahayana Buddhist shrine dedicated to the Buddha. After the reign of Jayavarman VII, his successors, depending on their religious belief, had made numerous additions and alterations to fit with the religion they followed. On the decline of the empire, the Bayon, as the same Angkor Thom city was abandoned and gradually covered by forest until it was discovered in the early 20th century by archeologists and step by step restored from 1995.

Smiling faces on the Bayon temple

The Bayon consists of three floors of which the two lower ones are in a square shape with numerous bas-reliefs elaborately carved on the walls depicting scenes throughout the realm, historical events as well as religious myths is really an art treasure. The upper terrace is arranged in a circle with many jutting towers that has gigantic god faces carved into stone in different directions. These serene smiling faces make the unique feature of the Bayon.

Nowadays, the temple of Bayon is a part of the Angkor Archaeological Park and World Heritage Site recognizing by UNESCO. Along with other temples, the Bayon Temple brings visitors a special impression of majestic architecture, glorious civilization, religion, literature, and political understanding about the great Kingdom of Cambodia and mankind in general.

The temple of Bayon

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