Koh Trong Island

Koh Trong is a beautiful and peaceful sand island that emerges up in the middle of the Mekong River, across from the Kratie Town’s riverfront. This island is home to a fishing and farming village of smiling peasants, craggy fishermen, and luxuriant orchards, where you can escape away from the busy town to enjoy the atmosphere and scenes of rural life. Accessible by a 10-minute ferry ride from the town, this place of lull nature and beautiful rural Cambodia is a perfect location to unwind and well-worth a place to visit in Kratie.

Koh Trong 1

There are about 400 families live on the island. The majority of the residents here reside in the main village and live on small scale farming, with fishing is their subsidiary income, while some others living on floating houses and earn their living from the water of the Mekong River.

Once there, a 9km concrete path running around the island will take you past undulating paddies dotted with palm trees and cows leisurely grazing around, charming wooden houses on stilts behind lush orchards. You will have the chance to wander around the picturesque villages either by bicycle or on foot, visiting local homes and farms, interact with friendly locals to learn about their traditional lifestyle, and maybe catch a swim off the beach on the west side of the island. Also known as ‘garden market’, the island is the place where you can try and enjoy some kind of local tropical fruits. Other attractions there including some old temples and the small floating village. The sunset view from the western side of the island is really particular but make sure that you have enough time to catch the last ferry that leaves at 18.30. 

Koh Trong 2

The best time to visit Koh Trong Island is in the morning or afternoon as the scenery is most vivid and the weather is less hot. A visit to the island is normally combined on a day tour of Kratie when you travel with Travel Authentic Asia. This activity usually includes a bicycle or ox cart ride around the village. For those who travel on your own, you can bring a bike over but maybe not necessary as they are available for rent there.

Koh Trong 3

Located on the banks of Mekong river and about 240km North of Phnom Penh and close to Kratie town, Koh Trong island is easily accessible. It takes 5-7 hours driving if you are going from Phnom Penh to Kratie and it takes between 7- 8hours from Siem Reap. Then catching the ferry from Kratie boat port, only about 10 minutes riding across the Mekong river, you will get there. After big cities like Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, hope you will enjoy your stay in Kratie and Koh Trong island!

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