Silver Pagoda

Silver Pagoda is one of the must-sees when visiting Phnom Penh. Located just a few hundred meters from the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda bears a great charm of traditional Khmer architecture and offers an interesting visit with insight into Cambodia’s past and present.

Officially called Wat Ubaosoth Ratanaram but more popularly known as Wat Preah Keo Morakot or simply Wat Preah Keo, which means Temple of the Emerald - Crystal Buddha, this pagoda was originally built of wood in 1892 by King Norodom and rebuilt of brick and concrete in 1962 current appearance. Functioned as a Royal and state pagoda, this is home to a large collection of royal treasure and art. And, despite the years of war and turmoil, the pagoda was survived and its resplendency still can be seen today in every nook and cranny.

Silver Pagoda

One of the special features of the pagoda is its floor that paved by more than 5000 thick and large silver tiles from which the temple earns its name as Silver Pagoda. Other treasures including the 17th century sitting emerald Buddha placed on a gilded pedestal, a statue of Maitreya Buddha in life-size weighing 90kg of gold that is coasted with 9584 diamonds and dressed in royal regalia, numerous golden Buddha statues in different sizes, the royal crown, gold inlaid royal swords and so on. Surrounding the temple is roofed walls with beautiful mural paintings those lively depict the Hindu and Cambodian epics.

In the courtyard of the pagoda, there is a chapel that houses a large silver-gilt Buddha footprint and on another side are some stupas where ashes of late kings and queens are stored.

Silver Pagoda, Phnom Penh

Located within the compound of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh and just separated by a walled walkway, a visit to this charming historical site is usually combined on the visit to the Royal Palace complex and is part of our Phnom Penh day trip on most of Travel Authentic Asia's Cambodia tours. The exploration of the pagoda for sure brings you a wonderful experience with lots of interesting stories and understanding about the history of this beautiful country.

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