Phnom Sampeau

Phnom Sampeau is one place which gets highly recommended as a limestone outcrop where Phnom Sampeau, a famous buddhist temple is located. It is known as a location used by the Khmer Rouge in their oppressive regime and also an attractive destination for visitors when visiting Battambang.

Phnom Sampeau is located along National Road 57 in Sampeou Commune, Battambang district, about 12km from Battambang city. Its name means 'Ship mountain' because this mountain’s shape is like a ship. It is a 100-meter-high mountain rising from the rice paddy fields of Southwestern Cambodia. This site includes a temple named Phnom Sampeau and three natural caves: Pkasla, Lakhaon and Aksopheak. Pkasla cave is full of uprooted stones and this cave is important because it is a place where Phnom Sampeou residents come to celebrate after a marriage.

Phnom Sampeau - Battambang

Situated on the top is beautiful Phnom Sampeau pagoda that gives breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Phnom Sampeau, like so many temples, was used as a prison and a killing site by the Khmer Rouge. Prisoners were led to the mouth of a deep cave shaft, pushed down and then machine-gunned. It’s possible to climb down into two caves where small shrines with bones and statues remind visitors of the atrocities committed here. These killing caves were used as mass graves and now bear memorials to those who met their end there. The mountain is also the resting place of a World War II relic.

Exploring Phnom Sampeau

Now you will find a temple that is beautifully decorated with pictures of the Buddha’s life, a large golden reclining Buddha and the views from the top of Phnom Sampeau are what really makes the journey worth it. From the top view, you can enjoy the spectacular panorama of Battambang and the surrounding countryside. The best time to visit Phnom Sampeau is in early morning or late afternoon when the light makes everything magical, stunning views are at their best.

Visit Phnom Sampeau battambang

As usual, you will conquer 700 stairs to reach the top of Phnom Sampeau. It takes you about 1 hour to climb to the top of the mountain. There’s also a new cemented road which you can take a motoride to the summit or takes about 20 minutes on foot.

Getting to Phnom Sampeau is very easy. It’s just a 15-kilometer ride southwest of Battambang. Just connect to Road 57, then you will see the hill with a golden pagoda in the distance.

Phnom Sampeau is mainly for nature lovers. It suits visitors including small groups of friends, young couples, and families with a reasonable level of fitness. If you visit Battambang, the third-largest city in Cambodia, you do not miss one short day trip to Phnom Sampeau.

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