Kampot is a tranquil small little river town located in the southwest of Cambodia (around 135 km from Siem Reap and 154 km from Phnom Penh) well-known for its salt, special pepper, and accessibility to Bokor National Park. Additionally, Kampot with its primitive beauty makes a superb hideaway place out of the busy daily life.
Kampot was once a crowded trading port with lots of Chinese people, whose houses were built without stilts contrasting with the traditional Khmer houses on stilts and other colonial architectures, creating a graceful scenery of the town. The wonderful settings with fantastic sights make an excellent destination for exploring the attractions in the neighboring province.

Kampot 1

Most tourists travel to Kampot to explore Bokor Hill with the national park, which offers a stunning view of the city, the ocean, an amazing waterfall, and the ancient French colonial station. If you wish to get something more adventurous, you can register for trekking deep into Bokor Mountain to observe wildlife species in natural habitats. Coming to Kampot, you should not miss the chance to visit a pepper farm to see how this world-famous production is grown, learn about the process, and taste some local seafood with the unique pepper sauce at any restaurant in town. The old colonial buildings coming up with the best photoshoots are the Red Cross building, the Department of Mines, and the residence of the Governor.

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A must-do in Kampot is the sunset river cruise when you can observe the majestic changes of the sky’s colors behind the gorgeous national park. Other interesting attractions that tourists can take time to discover are the beautiful Buddhist temple – Wat Treuy Koh, the exciting Arcadia water park, the impressive Durian Fruit monument, and the pristine Kep beach.
Kampot is easily reached by taking a private car from Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, and Kep.
Climate, the best time to visit
Kampot has a tropical climate with humid and warm weather throughout the year. The average temperature of the region is around 27°C. The best time to visit Kampot is during the dry season lasting from October to April.