Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham is the third biggest city in Cambodia lies on the Mekong River which is the capital city of the Kampong Cham Province in eastern Cambodia. This city is about 124 kilometers northeast of Phnom Penh and can be visited by boat or by road. With its convenient location, Kampong Cham has always been a significant trade and transportation hub of the country.

Kampong Cham 1

As the Southeast Asian countries in the flow of the Mekong River, Kampong in Cambodia generally have 2 seasons dry season and rainy season or it is also called dry season and floating water season. Having the opportunity to come here when the autumn is touching Kampong, visitors will feel the silence falling fast in the middle of the immense water area and the gentle and turbulent flowing. The rain has left Kampong fertile, alluvial land rolling on both sides of the Mekong River and the arid meadows have been given the opportunity to water, becoming flooded areas full of vitality. The lotus fields were blooming with white and pink flowers, or the palm trees began to grow green, the lush green rice fields were teased by the wind. Behind the rainy season is the harvest season of people living on rivers, the water is no longer too flooded, but not too dry or barren, the hooves, riverside boats operate. After the water came up, the bushes filled the bottom were fish habitats, and people started fishing activities to make a living. Traveling to Kampong Cham on this occasion, visitors can also admire the sunset bobbing in the waves, dyeing the whole flow in pink. The air is gentle, the weather is less intense, and then the couples love being together.

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People say that Kampong Cham is the entrance of Campuchia which is enchanting and eccentric with the beautiful and bustling market, the ancient French architecture, and the highway street in the morning river view. Kampong Cham is a mix of the old and the new, with the emerging of modern life around the old temple ruins and French architecture from the colonial period.

There are a few worthwhile attractions nearby such as Wat Nokor Temple, Ko Paen Bamboo Bridge, Wat Hanchey, Cheung Kok Village, Koh Paen Island, Phnom Srey and Phnom Pros, the temples existed for decades remark oldest relics of Angkorian architecture.

Besides, tourists are attracted by Phreah Dram Thmor Da temple, Moha Leap Pagoda, Chhrouy Chek dam, Haong Waterfall, King Residence, old French lighthouse,…

Countryside in Kampong Cham

With its location on the way by boat or road to Kratie, Mondulkiri, Rattanakiri, and Stung Treng Provinces, most travelers visit Kompong Cham as a stopover destination on their trip from Phnom Penh to Kratie or Sen Monorom on the Mondulkiri plateau. However, Kompong Cham is deserved to be a valuable destination for what it owns.

Kampong Cham province with a population of around 1.7 million is ranking as the second most populated province in the country. Coming here, you will be welcomed by the hospitable and friendly people and enjoyed the rich culinary flavors here.

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