Krong Ta Khmau

Krong Ta Khmau, a city in Cambodia's Kandal Province, is known for its strategic location along the Mekong River. This bustling urban center offers a mix of modern development and traditional Cambodian culture. Its special appeal lies in its role as a transportation hub and the opportunity to explore local markets, historical sites, and the beautiful riverfront scenery.

Krong Ta Khmau’s location

Krong Ta Khmau

Krong Ta Khmau (literally “Black Grandfather”) is the capital of Kandal province, around 20 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The province consists of 6 communes and 20 villages with around 60% of the population working in Phnom Penh. Although Krong Ta Khmau is not as popular as other cities in Cambodia, this small province still attracts an increasing number of tourists coming to visit every year.

Krong Ta Khmau’s highlights

Krong Ta Khmau

Traveling to Krong Ta Khmau, tourists will be surprised by the interesting things to do and places to explore at this hidden charming destination. You might wish to get back to this region someday to relax and take a break out of the busy city. Your trip to this beautiful province cannot be fulfilled without joining the art and cultural activities to get an insight into its traditions, history, and artworks. The remarkable sites that you can get a glimpse of the region’s past are Koh Krobey Pagoda where you can capture a stunning view of the mighty Mekong river and an elegant Buddhist pagoda Wat Champouh Kaek. Other attractions that you can spend time discovering while staying in Krong Ta Khmau are Boeng Choeung Aek, Anloung Chen Island, and Wat S'ang.

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Krong Ta Khmau

The closest city to Krong Ta Khmau is Phnom Penh which has an international airport serving flights from Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. From Phnom Penh, the most comfortable way to reach the province is getting a private car which enables you to visit other famous sites on the way such as Ta Prohm and Ang Kor Chey Pagoda.

Best time to visit Krong Ta Khmau

Like other parts of Cambodia, Krong Ta Khmau has a tropical climate that is hot and humid all year round. During the monsoon season, it rains heavily creating good conditions for agricultural activities. The best time to visit Krong Ta Khmau is the dry season lasting from November to March with average temperatures of 22°C to 28°C.

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