Phnom Bokor National Park

Established by the Royal decree in 1993, Phnom Bokor National Park is one of the most wonderful and mystical natural parks of Southeast Asia. The park is a part of the Elephant Mountain range, spanning an area of around 1580 square kilometers. If you are looking for an unmissable day trip not far from Kampot, Phnom Bokor National Park is the widest choice.

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According to history, the park was originally built as a hill station during the 1920s to be a retreat from the hot summer days. After that, it was destroyed two times because of World War II and the Khmer Rouge invasion. Cambodian people restored and re-opened the construction in 2018. Although the development still happens here, Phnom Bokor National Park is home to numerous wildlife species, some of which are endangered. If you are lucky, you might even hear or observe some animals in their natural habitats.

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Traveling to Phnom Bokor National Pak, tourists easily find lots of attractive sites to see and interesting activities to do. The Damnam Sla Khmao (also known as The Black Palace), once the residence of King Sihanouk, offers a stunning view of cliffs and impressive sunset. The Old Catholic Church acted as a part of the French township, Le Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino are beautiful historical buildings of the area. If you come here in the rainy season, do not miss the chance to explore the spectacular Popokvil Waterfall and its surroundings. Other attractions that you can spend time visiting are the Wat Sampove Pram (the “Five Boats Wat”) with the breath-taking view of the sapphire ocean, the Lok Yeay Mao Monument, the Veal Sre Mouy Roy (100 Rice Fields), and the 500 Rice Fields Sacred Meditation Area lying amidst the green lush forests. In addition, there are several trekking trails with the duration of 2 to 8 hours waiting for you to conquer as well as the lively disco clubs to relax at night. The region also has a lovely indoor children's playground named “Cloud 9 Kids Club” for your children to entertain.

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The closest and the most convenient starting point heading to Phnom Bokor National Park is Kampot which is around 35 kilometers from the site. Besides taking a private car from Kampot, the day trip is also doable from Sihanoukville.

Climate, the best time to visit

Due to the high altitude, the temperatures in Bokor are lower than the regions around the coast in Kampot which is around 25°C on average. The best time to visit Phnom Bokor National Park is from December to April when the weather is pleasant and sees less chance of rainfall.

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